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Hell 5 Diablo Immortal, how to easily transition from Hell 4 to 5 as a free to play player

Hell 5 Diablo Immortal

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The transition from Hell 4 to Hell 5 Diablo Immortal is fast approaching! All the tricks to change difficulty in a free to play player!

  • Hell 4 to Hell 5 Diablo Immortal being F2P player: (00:00)
  • Paragons, Difficulty and Battle Score: (00:20)
  • When to start transitioning: (00:58)
  • Stage 1, Gold, Legendary and Hell 5 sets: (01:12)
  • Step 2, paragon of the new difficulty: (04:25)
  • Step 3, unlock Tier 140 Probationary Rift: (04:34)
  • Step 4, bet 10 weapons and armor per day: (05:29)
  • Step 5, do your missing raids in TDG :(05:50)
  • Step 6, redo your sets: (06:10)
  • Step 7, upgrade your probation again: (06:37)
  • Don't forget to follow the channel, thank you! :(06:46)

  • Hell 4 to Hell 5 Diablo Immortal being F2P: (00:00)
  • Paragons, difficulty and combat rating: 00:18)
  • When you need to start preparing: (00:51)
  • Step 1, gold, legendaries and sets Hell 5: (01:07)
  • Step 2, reach the paragon difficulty: (03:31)
  • Step 3, how to unlock the challenge rift 140: (03:39)
  • Step 4, gamble 10 weapons and armors per day: (04:09)
  • Step 5, unlock new raid bosses in warband: (04:28)
  • Step 6, set farming: (04:39)
  • Step 7, push again your challenge rift cap: (04:58)
  • Don't forgot to follow our channel, thanks!: (05:06)

Preamble and changing difficulty on Diablo Immortal

Every day, the paragon of the server takes 2 levels, which makes it possible to reach the paragons of the new difficulties of Hell and thus, to have much higher equipment, because as a reminder each difficulty has approximately 20% additional stats. Here are the associated difficulties and paragons:

  • Hell 1: 1-60
  • Hell 2: 30-130
  • Hell 3: 80-210
  • Hell 4: 150-300
  • Hell 5: 240-600

What interests us is above all the base number, to be able to equip Hell 5 level 240 stats for example. It is of course more complicated if you are a Free to Play player, but with my method below you will have much less problem to have the necessary equipment score and a good preparation.

Stage 1, prepare for Hell 5 (or another difficulty)

First and most important step, you have three things to do:

  • save your gold, target being 2-3 million gold for paragon 240
  • do all the world vents possible in H5
  • make open world in Hell 5, open world easier than dungeons
  • if possible then do dungeons in Hell 5
  • possibly keep your relics for the Call of the Ancients in the Frozen Tundra and your pages for the Library of Zoltan Kulle

Obviously, with our much lower combat score, it will remain complicated as an f2p player, here are some tips:

  • break your set and take the best combat score, I go from 4350 to 4550 with a target at 5120, the 200 gs really won't be too much
  • use a support build, 30% more damage to enemies with the Demon Hunter, Banner and Conjuration of Light Crusader, Barbarian War Cry which boosts damage, Sanctuary which boosts damage Monk for example

You will then be a little more optimized for your group, because yes you will have to make yourself Power Leveling PL :

  • with your guild, often the best players in your guild will take the weakest
  • in the open world, some groups kindly accept people who don't have the level, even if it's quite hard to find

There is no miracle, but with these methods the majority of my guild was able to recover a lot of set items and legendaries. Also, the fact of PL or making yourself PL will make the guild overall much stronger, which will suit all members. Remember, if you PLEASE simply say thank you and avoid wasting the person giving it to you, it may seem silly but it happens often.

Stage 2, reach the paragon of the new difficulty

You have two optics, wait for the server level to rise or farm in the open world to gain experience as quickly as possible.

Step 3, equip your Hell items 5 P240 and do the probationary level 140

You will take advantage of the equipment score boost from Inferno 5, between 500 and 1000 combat score to greatly increase your probationary fault level. You will have to quickly complete this level before unlocking the global H5 rewards (and not only the open world or dungeon). If you can't do it yet, continue with step 1 and don't go to step 4.

Step 4, bet 10 weapons and armor per day

You will thus have Hell 5 objects directly by betting, to very quickly earn you combat score. Limit yourself to 10 per day in weapons and armor only!

Step 5, possibly make your missing raids

Rather simple, just remember to kill the bosses in warband to get the bonus slag.

Step 6, redo your sets

You will be ready to more easily recover sets in dungeons and possibly attempt set bonuses. You can also of course do this step before depending on your combat score, the point is to do the dungeons in Hell 5 without a combat score debuff to be as effective as possible.

Step 7, upgrade your probationary rifts again

With all the combat score gains from the previous stages, you will again have between 500 and 1000 combat score, with my example being at 4500 I will be around 5500, maybe more with a little luck. You can therefore very easily raise the level of your maximum probationary fault!

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Alchemists dm gaming

Even if without paying it is more complicated to go to Hell 5 from the paragon 240 Diablo Immortal, you will see that with this method it will still be rather simple. So remember to apply it well in order to go to Hell 5 while remaining a Free to Play Diablo Immortal player!

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By Alchemists, September 2022

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