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Necromancer Summon Diablo Immortal, the power of the necro skeleton build

Necromancer Summon Diablo Immortal

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Best Necromancer Build Endgame Summons on Diablo Immortal, the power of skeletons for the Endgame!

  • Build Necromancer Summon EndGame Diablo Immortal : (00:00)
  • Skill Necromancer Summon: (00:17)
  • Summon Necromancer Equipment: (00:38)
  • Best Necro Summon Set :(01:23)
  • Summon Necromancer Gems: (01:41)
  • Necromancer Paragon and Reliquary: (02:10)
  • Gameplay Trial Rift 30: (02:24)
  • Don't forget to follow the channel, thanks! :(06:32)

  • Summoner Minion Necromancer Build Endgame Diablo Immortal :(00:00)
  • Summoning Nec Skills : (00:14)
  • Summon Necromancer Equipment :(00:34)
  • Best summoning set: (01:14)
  • Legendary gems for the Necromancer: (01:28)
  • Paragon and reliquary: (01:48)
  • Rift 30 gameplay: (01:58)
  • Thanks for watching!: (06:10)

Preamble, build conditions

Here is some information before starting this guide:

  • In the battle pass, at level 10 select the Sinister Trinity shield, one of the best necromancer shields
  • if you do not yet have the necessary equipment, do not hesitate to adapt it


Here is a summon-oriented skill set, usable in all conditions.

  • spiritual fire
  • dark curse
  • Skeleton Mage
  • Ossopraxis
  • Macabre explosion

Easy legendary equipment and set without paying

Before telling you about my equipment, here are some tips to help you recover some:

  • you can recover one per week against 1600 incuses
  • use fusion to put the right legendary power
  • level 56 to receive a set item, then the others in paragon


For my equipment:

  • Helmet: Charcoal for the eyes
    • Ossopraxis detonates at destination and dealing damage, proc corpses
  • Armor: They're everywhere
    • Death blast radius increased by 10%
  • Epaulette: Corrupted Spur
    • Spawns a poisoned area instead of detonating corpses
  • Leggings: Tear Limbs (Ideally Worm Guided, to buff your summons for 12s)
    • Curse reduces enemy movement and attack speed
  • Left weapon: Clot Piercer
    • 10% Death Blast Buff
  • Shield: Sinister Trinity
    • You increased your number of targets hit by 1 despite losing 30% damage to successive targets
    • Charm: do your best and level 5 recover the skill of your charm to add it to a new one

Normal and Legendary Gems

Here is my choice of legendary gem:

  • Ca'arsen's motivation, 8% auto-attack buff and increases your DPS by 0.5%
  • Disciple's Burden, a 1.70% damage buff per creature summoned and controlled and decreases damage received by 1.5% from creatures
  • Blessing of the Brave, has a 20% chance to create an AoE around you that will deal damage equal to 12% of your maximum health
  • Bloodstained Jade, Increases your damage by 10.5% and movement speed by 10%, the more life you lose, the more this bonus decreases
  • Chained Death, more damage if you hit several targets up to 4 targets or 7.2%
  • Burning Fang, adds extra damage each time you deal damage up to a stack of 10

For basic gems:

  • Tourmaline, citrine and sapphire, all about DPS

The best Necro sets

Here are the sets and choices:

  1. Call of the shepherd to the wolves: These are the only ones that interest us

And those that don't interest us:

  • Anything that doesn't have summons

Where to find the best Necro sets

To farm the call of the shepherd to the wolves:

  • Shepherd and Architect: Tomb of Fahir, Hell 2+ (Amulet)
  • Shepherd and Father: Forgotten Tower, Hell 4+ (Ring)
  • Shepherd and Mother: Mad King's Breach, Hell 4+(Ring)
  • Shepherd and Beastmaster: End of Destruction, Hell 2+ (Glove)
  • Shepherd and Progenitor: Rapid of Kikuras, Hell 1+ (Belt)
  • Shepherd and Leader: Temple of Namari, Hell 1+ (Boots)

Here are the associated buffs:

  • 2 Piece Bonus: Increases summon damage by 15%
  • 4 Piece Bonus: Increases critical strike chance by 3% per summon (max 18%)
  • 6 piece bonus: As soon as the summoned creature makes a critical hit, it is buffed for 12s

So start by collecting the coins in Hell 1 or on the path to prodigy!

Paragon, Infernal Reliquary and Legacy of the Horadrim

For additional points:

  • Paragon: Victorious, bot lane until unlocking Wrath and Zeal, then top lane until Heart of Wrath
  • Infernal Reliquary: Lock Pyl's remains for critical chance
  • Legacy of the Horadrim: Prioritize Life, Potency, and Toughness


Here are the gameplays with this character:

  • a level 30 probationary rift

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PandaSchizo Dm Gaming

If you are looking for a very good necromancer summons for PvE and PvP without spending any in-game money, this necro Diablo Immortal build will suit your needs perfectly! A very powerful and versatile build for all game activities!

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By Panda-Schizo, June 2022

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