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The first info of the major content update on Diablo Immortal following the questions answered
Ship of Fools, the new duo roguelite! With a steam key to win

Dm Gaming Tools

Discover a new game!

Dm Gaming Tools

Game finder: looking for a new one? Use our tool to find the Dm Gaming game that suits you!

How it works

The tool is fairly trivial, but here is some information on how it works:

  • you can choose to use the number of filters you want (0, 1, 2, ...., all)
  • if you have no results, you have too many filters
  • the filter can be edited by everyone at the same time, if someone is on it... come back later! (even if this case will be rare!)


  • 2.0: 14/03/2022 - redesign of the tool on Google Sheets and update of our games, 45!
  • 1.1: 26/08/2021 - ergonomics improvement, addition of Diablo 2 Median XL and mobile interface correction
  • 1.0: 24/08/2021 - creation of the tool with all the games on the site

Alchemists dm gaming

You should no longer have to worry about finding a Dm Gaming game you love! This utility will of course be updated with the next games covered!

Dm Gaming Tools

By Alchemists, August 2021

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