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Hades: find our test, our guides and all the information on this roguelite where you play as the son of the underworld!

Hades, a sublime but repetitive rogue-lite Hades, the test 08/06/2021 Roguelite, Test The roguelite in Greek mythology!


Final boss Hades, kill him without dying Final Boss Hades 10/06/2021 Boss All phases and attacks of the final boss!
Charon Hades Face Him, Kill Him & Coupon Coupon and Charon Hades 12/06/2021 Boss Kill Charon and collect his coupon!
Unlock all Chthonian Hades companions Unlock Hades Chthonian companions 18/06/2021 Equipment, Secret To unlock all the companions in the game!
Aspect Hidden Weapons Hades, unlock them Unlock Hades Hidden Aspects 29/07/2021 Equipment, Secret All the hidden aspects of weapons!
Easily complete Hades, the complete guide Guide to completing Hades 09/06/2021 Full How to easily finish the game!
Hades Memories, Recover Them, Third List and Hidden All Hades Memories 13/06/2021 Equipment, Secret Unlock memories and their power!

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