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Charon Hades Face Him, Kill Him & Coupon

Fight Charon

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Charon Hades: find in this guide how to face Charon and get the famous coupon giving 20% ​​off purchase!

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  • Intro: (00:00)
  • Step 1 - have enough heart with Charon: (00:12)
  • Step 2 - find Charon with money to borrow: (00:28)
  • Step 3 - beat Charon and collect the coupon: (01:02)
  • Last word: (03:21)

Step 1 - have enough heart with Charon

In order to be able to face him in a duel, you will need to have a sufficiently high level of affinity with Charon. You will need all the hearts you can obtain with the nectar, ie 6. You don't need to have given him the ambrosia bottle.

Number of hearts to face Charon HadesGive a total of 6 nectars to Charon

Step 2 - find Charon with the money to borrow

During the Charon rooms, you will notice an open grid with a bag in it, allowing you to collect gold but also putting Charon in a very bad mood! Be careful, it is not possible to have this system before the bosses of the regions, so you will have to try your luck in the previous rooms.

Borrow from Charon to fight him HadesGo to Charon's hideout to take his gold

Step 3 - beat Charon and collect the coupon

Charon is far from being an easy boss to kill, he has multiple attacks that hit hard and becomes more powerful with each third of his life taken away. You will notice his phase change when he drops the golden pillars. Here are his attacks according to the phases.

  • sends death balls that cross the map in a straight line, to dodge
  • melee attack with a very long range, try to stay away from him
  • aoe around him, a pink ring, to dodge if possible
  • phase 2: he gains waves of energy to dodge
  • phase 2: he wins balls of death that cross the map in the perpendicular direction
  • phase 3: nothing in particular

When he has about 10% of his life left, he will stop the fight and you will win the coupon, giving 20% ​​off his shop but also Charon's Wells. The diamond will, for example, increase to 800 gold, which is obviously very interesting.

You will get the famous coupon, but only for this run unfortunately!

Alchemists dm gaming

With this guide you should more easily find this hidden boss, and be able to kill Charon to get the coupon. Be careful at high temperature, it tends to hit really hard!

By Alchemists, June 2021

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