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Final boss Hades, kill him without dying

End boss

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Final boss Hades, find in this guide how to kill him easily and without dying, in order to be able to complete the game!


Phase 1

Here are its attacks and their handling:

  • spear, to dodge
  • throw death ball, to dodge then go kill the ball before it explodes
  • attack in aoe, either get out of the area, or dodge but this one is quite hard to dodge
  • summon elite creeps, every quarter life
    • the easiest way is to kill the elites at the same time as Hades, try to have a good dose of aoe
  • invisibility, not much to do, stay alert because it hits after the end of invisibility

Hades death ballWatch out for the explosions of these skulls

Get out or dodge this Hades attackGet out or dodge this attack

Phase 2

Once its first phase is over, it will move on to phase 2. I also find it easier on this phase:

  • triple attack, to dodge then exit the area for his attack in aoe
  • invocation of vases, stay out of vases at all costs, the aoe is wide enough
  • triple laser, get behind Hades to hit it for free
  • multiple laser, take cover behind a rock and wait quietly
  • summon skull ball, like phase 1 but more numerous

Watch out for the aoe of the Hades vasesWatch out for the AOE of the vases

Final boss Hades giga laserYou should be hiding on this attack!

Alchemists dm gaming

Hades is a seemingly complicated boss, with quite a few spells all over the place. The good news is that by training it will be much easier! With this guide you will have all the information to be able to better master it!

By Alchemists, June 2021

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