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Unlock all Chthonian Hades companions

Unlock Chthonian companions

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Unlock all the Chthonian companions: find in this guide how to unlock all the companions as well as their usefulness!

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Unlock prerequisites

Before we walk you through how to unlock companions, here's what you need to know before you can unlock them:

  • it will take a lot, a lot (a lot) to talk to the affected characters before they offer you the option to give an ambrosia
  • each person will then give you the companion after ambrosia
  • I unlocked my first companion after completing the epilogue (which happens when you complete the game 10 times) and restarted the game quite a bit to keep the story going
  • so if you still have nothing, don't worry!

Cubitos companion

First companion and the easiest to obtain:

  • Cubitos - Thados - attracts enemies and serves as a tank
    • practical but you can damage it
    • watch out for AOE from enemies

Cubitos Hades CompanionsThe Cubitos companion via Thados

Companion Vivi

Second companion, also quite easy to unlock

  • Vivi - Shrew - drops a line of damage on enemies
    • good for cleaning an area, but aim in line

Companions Vivi HadesThe companion Vivi with Mégère

Ombros Companion

For Ombros, consider also giving nectar to Pierrot, the pebbles!

  • Ombros - Sisyphus & Pierrot - deals damage while falling and gives gold, hearts and obsidians
    • ultra practical, my favorite but low AOE

Companions Ombros HadesThe Ombros companion via Sisyphus and Pierrot

Mate Morty

Very long to unlock, it will be accessible thanks to Thanatos

  • Morty - Thanatos - uses the circle of death to deal big damage
    • not bad, long enough to process but hit hard

Companions Morty HadesThe companion Morty with Thanatos

Fidi companion

It also takes a long time to unlock!

  • Fidi - Dusa - throws projectiles that turn into stone
    • quite nice, allows in particular to freeze the enemies a little

Fidi Hades CompanionsThe Fidi companion via Dusa

Mitos Companion

And here is the last of the selection, congratulations you manage to unlock it! It will be necessary to give ambrosia to two characters

  • Mitos - Achilles & Patroclus - deal damage to two enemies
    • I find it frankly not super useful

Mitos Hades CompanionsThe Mitos companion via Achilles & Patroclus

Alchemists dm gaming

With this guide you should have less trouble collecting all of the Chthonian Companion Summons! FYI, it took me 60 hours of play to get them all back! Good luck !

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By Alchemists, June 2021

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