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Build Pirate Aggro Hero Siege Dm Gaming

Build Aggro Cold Pirate

Build Aggro Hero Siege: A pirate plunder build allowing aggro the whole map, viable solo and ultra powerful with several!



This build uses the power of the clear Plunder Pirate, activate all your spells permanently and walk around the map. You will automatically attract creeps to you. No mana management, this build is super easy to use! You will miss a little single target damage, suddenly I advise you to use this build to farm the satanics or to play with several people. For example, it will combine very well with a boss killer build!

Build Pirate Aggro Hero Siege Dm Gaming


Here are the points to put:

  • 20 points: freezing chain shot, torrent, land ahoy !, anchor swing
  • 16 points: Frozen lead
  • 1 point: set sail, parrot, remiges

If you play more of a duo or more, put 20 points in Treasur Hunter instead of freezing chain shot

For Hero levels, get full stamina and critical hit damage when you're tough enough.

Build Pirate Plunder

Build hero seat


Here is the equipment to recover:

  • Priority in% cold damage and cooldown reduction
  • Added cold damage
  • Life, resistance

Wormhole 1

For wormholes and satanic farming in general, nothing could be simpler, use all your spells and browse the map. You will clean all instances very quickly. For the boss, dodge his attacks and get closer to max your dps, with this build you do about 20% more damage when you hit the target.

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- Ultra simple and powerful gameplay
- Speedclear all instances

- A bit long to kill the bosses


  • Season 11: creation
Alchemists dm gaming

An ultra cool build to play in multiplayer, but also very practical for recovering satanics on instances. So ultra viable in endgame if one of these two options interests you!

By Alchemists, January 2021

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