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build whitemage S11 hero siege

Build Whitemage S11

Build Whitemage Hero Siege: discover the alliance of sustain and damage in this build end game! Viable solo and team S11!



This build uses the spell power of the Whitemage Zealot to the utility of the Whitemage Divine Being. You can keep pressing the four spells permanently during map clears, and during all spells except Heavenly Fire, which must be moderated so as not to lose all your mana. The AOE healing zone reduces damage and heals sufficiently, even at level 1. In addition, it will proc chain lightning on all heal tics, or 7 lightning in 2,7 seconds. Remember to stay in the mana balls to regenerate this one, and to place it at the right range so that the restless spirits do not aim nearby. The correct reach is right at the end of the heal zone.

Spells to use

spells hero siege whitemage

Ideal range


Here are the points to put:

  • Restless spirit: 20, your main DPS
  • Curse: 20, 20% magic debuff
  • Heavenly fire: 20, applies a dowry to enemies
  • Burst of light: 20, dps and application of Heavenly fire
  • Chain lightning: the rest, lightning damage all healing zone tics
  • Mana orb: 1 point, mana regeneration and damage
  • 1 point to get the above spells with Curse, Dark Magic, Fanaticism Aura, Soul Spurn, Martyr, Benediction, Absord Shield, Heal Boost, Flash heal

A potential variant, more resistance but less clear:

  • Remove all points from Heavenly Fire and Burst of light to max soul spurn and chain lightning

Hero Points:

  • Currently in full stamina then critical damage in late game

Whitemage Build

build hero siege whitemage

Hero level

talents hero siege whitemage


Here is the equipment to look for:

  • In priority of the percentages of magic damage
  • Then added magic damage
  • Then reduction of cooldown, stamina, energy

Full socket amethysts!

DPS test

With equipment with only one satanic, you will hit around 700k dps on the dummy. Which is more than enough for the first whormoles and the inferno.

Whormole 1

For the Whormoles, pack as many enemies as possible by kittting them, you can take unlimited aggro at this level. For the boss, avoid the main attacks, knowing that the character can resist 2 or even 3 burst type attacks. In theory you can therefore attack the boss afk, but on several spikes of it I advise you to stay mobile.

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- Easy to play, resistant and dps
- Viable both solo and multi
- As strong in single target as clean

- Manage your mana well


  • Season 11: creation
Alchemists dm gaming

One of the rare Whitemage builds allowing to tattoo the late game whormoles of Hero Siege! Viable for this season 11 in multi or solo! This build is also as strong in clean as single target, so it will be suitable for all situations!

By Alchemists, January 2021

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