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Complete Hero Siege Guide

Hero Siege Guide

Hero Siege Guide: Actions, Difficulties, Mining, Items, Relics, Coins, Gems, Runes, Builds and Satanics!


Acts and difficulties

The game offers 7 acts, 6 basic and a DLC, divided into 4 difficulty levels: Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno. You must complete Act 6 to unlock the next difficulty level. Each act is divided into several waypoints and ends with 3 consecutive levels then a boss. Each level of difficulty can be split into 5 sub-levels, ranging from 1 to 5. These sub-levels are different depending on the main level, for example difficulty 5 inferno will add 1200% health point to mobs (including bosses) , while level 5 of normal 50% health.

If you want to speed up the story mode, the rule is to set the sub-difficulty level to the level where you can one shot the creeps. That is to say that if the creeps do not die suddenly, lower the sub-level. If you see that the creeps are dying too quickly increase it. The rule is to stack kill them in one hit, if for example you hit 150 damage on 100 hp creeps, you can increase the difficulty. You can also choose to spice up the game by playing at a higher level of difficulty, but be careful, you will take a long time to go through the 4 difficulties (around XNUMX hours). Also, don't hesitate to lower the difficulty level before each boss, as a HP boost on act bosses will take a lot longer!

Type of damage, gems and runes

Here are the different types of damage in the game:

  • Physical
  • Magic
  • Feu
  • Cold
  • Poison
  • Wind

It is crucial that you spot your character's damage. As soon as you start playing it, look at the two spell branches you have. For example the whitemage will have magic damage on both trees, while the pirate will damage fire tree on the left and cold tree on the right.

Once it is spotted, therefore take weapons of the type of your character. For example, if you have poison damage, take% poison damage and + x poison damage from your team. Be careful, the damage values ​​calculated by the game and represented in the form of red or green triangles, do not take this into account, and will therefore be false on the calculation of dps.

Let's take an example :

  • I play magic damage and have two boots in my inventory
  • The first shows me 3 damaged green triangles with + 20% fire damage and + 1500 fire damage
  • The second shows me 3 red triangles in damage with + 10% magic damage and +1000 fire damage
  • So I take the second, which boosts my stat in magic damage even if indicated by “less good” by the game
  • If necessary I check, I cast a spell on the mannequin after and before changing my boots.

I would equip gems of the same type only in my equipment (see the gems section below for more info)

You also have a gem system, be careful when you put a gem in an item, it can no longer be removed. I therefore advise you to only put gems in your satanic items that you keep.
So you have the same gems as the damage types in the game, namely:

  • Physical
  • Magic
  • Feu
  • Cold
  • Poison
  • Wind

You can combine 3 gems to make a better one, so keep all of your starting gems. With high monster levels, you can also drop interesting gems directly!

The runes will give you specific buffs and have certain levels, like Diablo 2. You can therefore either integrate them directly into your equipment (be careful to choose your stuff!), Or make it a runic word. If this part interests you, you can consult directly Hero Siege rune word list.

Objects and quality

Here are the different types of rarity:

  • Common (white)
  • Magic (blue)
  • Rare (yellow)
  • Legendary (orange)
  • Mythic (pink)
  • Set (green)
  • Satanic (red)

Green and red items start at level 1/10 and can be upgraded using crystals. However, I advise you to keep your crystals, you will need them at the Shadow Realm merchant or to exchange for players, the good items being extremely expensive.

The power of your character will quickly be counted in number of Satanics, their power being completely disproportionate compared to the pink and orange objects.


You can pick up up to 32 relics. The more you have, the less you will find. Once the 32 are collected, you will not drop any more and will recover gold at the location of the relics. The NPC allows you to reset all of your relics, but you will lose them all, and this is of little interest (unless you are looking for a specific relic like the one that indicates the positions of the mineral veins).

There are currently four types of relics:

  • Activable: you have one more spell to use. This type is limited to 1, but you can replace it if you find a relic of the same type.
  • Orbitals: they revolve around you (inflicts damage, blocks, etc.).
  • Stats: Gives you a stat buff (damage, life, armor, resistance, etc.).
  • When attacking: proc when you hit or attack an enemy.


Hero Siege has a wide variety of currencies, more or less useful:

  • Gold: obtained by collecting, selling common, blue, or rare items.
  • Mythic or legendary powder: obtained by selling a mythical or legendary item, 5 legendary powders are transformed into 1 mythical powder at the craft npc.
  • Crystals: Obtained by picking up or trading from players.
  • Ruby: by mining (see the mining part), on bosses or trading with players.
  • Jades: by mining (see the mining part) or trading with players.

Below is the usefulness of the resources:

  • Gold: reset your talents or skills and buy wormhole keys.
  • Mythic or legendary powder: buy mythical or legendary items, be careful their ilevel will be max 100.
  • Crystals: Buy from the shadow realm vendor or from players.
  • Rubies: purchase of satanics.
  • Jades: purchase of upgrade items.

Build and hero level

If you want to create your own build, here are the points to follow:

  • Prioritize active spells, they do more damage than passives. Preferably 3.
  • Focus on just one type of damage eg cold instead of fire and cold.
  • Max one or two useful passives.
  • Do not underestimate level 1 powers, they can be very useful (see our build whitemage).

For hero levels, as long as your life is not enough put everything in stamina, it is more useful than the max health or the damage. Then take critical hit damage if your build uses it.


A rather strange concept for a Hack & Slash, but you will be able to mine, this will allow you to obtain very useful minerals. The most interesting will be in Inferno, but for that you will need to have an additional mining level. Mining is not mandatory to acquire the most powerful items in Hero Siege, but it is one of the easiest ways to get these famous items. Note that mining is common to all your characters, so you will not need to start over (outside the season system). If you decide to mine, here's what you'll need to do:

  • Copper - Normal Difficulty: mine up to mining level 100
  • Iron - Nightmare difficulty: mine up to mining level 250
  • Gold - Hell Difficulty: mine up to mining level 500
  • Rubi -Difficulty Inferno: undermine everything
  • Jade - Inferno difficulty, one in a thousand chance of dropping it

You can view your mining level by opening the talent page.

Farm the satanics

Your goal after the story is over is to collect Satanics. Be careful not to spare your efforts, because they, regardless of the chosen way, will take a long time to recover!

  • Via mining: collect rubies. Nothing complicated, just very long! In addition you will be able to recover jades. Be careful, you will have to farm the relic beforehand to identify the mineral veins.
  • Via creeps: you can run in inferno or make endgame instances (see our endgame guide). Each satanic can drop randomly, but some dungeons (see our endgame guide) drop a unique type and acts have a higher chance of dropping items of the following type:
    •  Act 1 boots
    • Act 2 amulets
    • Act 3 armor
    • Act 4 shield and charms
    • Act 5 weapons
    • Act 6 gloves
    • Act 7 Weapons and Charms
  • Via crystals: to be exchanged to players or directly to the shadow realm vendor. This technique is rather to be combined with a previous one.
Alchemists dm gaming

With this complete guide to Hero Siege, you should be prepared to face all the dangers of the game! This Hack and Slash is full of important information to know, so you have it all! If you have any questions, feel free to post in the comments!

By Alchemists, January 2021

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