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Instances guide endgame Hero Siege

Hero Siege PC test

Endgame Hero Siege guide: uber, wormhole, chaos tower, sheeponia, shadow realm, fallen inoya, all of the late game explained!


Unstable rift

Unstable Rifts are purple portals that appear randomly in acts. The principle could have been nice, you have to survive waves of creeps to recover the loot. However the loot is almost nonexistent, so do it just once if you want to have the steam achievement then go your way! These instances are generally quite long and with little loot, too bad!

Interest: to avoid

Dungeons with key

Once in inferno, the instances inside the acts will require a key to open them. Each key randomly drops act creeps, for example act 1 creeps can drop a cellar key, tower key or smelly cheese. Note that shadow realms or wormholes can drop any key. Each dungeon has a type of enemy and can drop specific Satanics. It will therefore be necessary, depending on your build, to adapt the dungeon to be done. Below is the list of dungeons in the game!

Act 1, zone 1 - Outskirts of Inoya - Rat Den
Rats, Zombies and Skeletons
Smelly Cheese Key

Act 1, zone 3 - Pumpkin Patch - Pumpkin Cellar
Zombies and Wendigos
Cellar key

Act 1, zone 4 - The Village - Black Tower
Skeletons and archer skeletons
Tower key

Act 2, zone 1 - Crystal Village - Frozen Cellar
Vikings, goblins, archer and goliaths
Frosted Key

Act 3, Zone 3 - Mos'Arathim Desert - Forgotten City
Skeletons, archers and mommies
Mystic key

Act 4, zone 3 - Mining Site A - Abandoned Mine
Rats, Goblins and Parasects
Rusted Key

Interest: to do as soon as you have a key

Chaos tower

The latest from the creators of Hero Siege, the Tower of Chaos allows you to climb the floors to face a sub-boss then a boss, for a total of 10 floors. On each floor, a multitude of drops will take place, so remember to put your item filters. To complete the quest, you will need to complete 10 Chaos Towers. Be careful, the boss of the 10th floor is quite complicated and will ask you for an adequate stuff, with 2 or even 3 satanics in inferno 1.

It is one of the most interesting instances in terms of drops, but appears randomly. So remember to always visit them when you meet them!

Interest: to do as soon as you find it

Shadow Realm and Uber Death

The Shadow Realm takes the form of a purple portal, which will also appear randomly. This instance is much more interesting, as it has an NPC selling satanic items for crystals. So you can, with a little luck, find a Satanic who suits you quite easily thanks to this merchant.

You will also be able to access the Uber-Death boss if you get 10 dimensional shards, on the other hand avoid trying it until you have full satanic stuff at max level. He is ultra tanky and one shot very easily, and also heals himself if you don't kill him fast enough!

Interest: to do if you have a few crystals in your pocket

Rifts or Wormhole

Wormholes are one of the most visited instances in late game. They are instances with a single level, where you have a time to clean the area. Once the area is clean, you will face a boss. After each victory, you will have the possibility to improve the level of the Wormhole and thus improve the xp and the chances of loot at the cost of a higher difficulty. Wormhole Keys can be dropped or purchased for 20k Gold from the Craft Merchant. To open a wormhole, go talk to Dr. Tinker Dink and ask to open a rift!

Be careful after successful, remember to activate the lever right next to the boss spawn to increase your wormhole level.

Interest: to do if you have enough stuff

Fallen Inoya and Uber Damien

This instance corresponds to the future of the city of Inoya, and it is not very playful! You'll have to face off against a big bunch of very high level monsters, and then, if you can, defeat Uber Damien. Loots will of course be key during your triumph. To open this instance, go to Uhm with all the Artifacts from the Act Bosses in your possession. These drop automatically when you kill an act boss. Be careful, however, you will have to kill all the act bosses, because each artifact is specific to each act boss. In addition, the drop is not guaranteed, so remember to consult your inventory or the PNJ to know which ones you are missing.

Here are the acts, bosses and drops:

  • Act 1 Gurag - Gurag's Heart
  • Act 2 Death - Death's Sigil
  • Act 3 Anubis - Anubis' Ankh
  • Act 4 Damien - Damien's Eye
  • Act 5 Karp King - Karp King's Belly Button
  • Act 6 Satan - Satan's Horn

Creeps will be level 400+, so be prepared!

Interest: only if you are ultra strong!


Sheeponia is the “secret” or rather hidden instance of Hero Siege. There are two ways to get in, and both are luck! The first way is to find the Fortune Card relic, which will directly open a portal to the instance. For the second you will need to have the Demon Sheep and Jefre's Suscription relics. If you have both, go to Inoya Town to talk to the sprawling dragon head sort. He will give you a code 2,6,4,5,3,1 which will allow you to interact with the graves right next to this head. Use them in order of code to open the portal!

You will find sheep there as well as the king of the sheep, with of course loot!

Boss runs in inferno

A word about this activity, which has more or less meaning! Let me explain ; you will be able to collect keys, find shadow realms and chaos towers on the map, farm a little experience and possibly collect satanics. Suddenly it would have to be done at the start of the inferno, when your equipment does not allow it, and if you cannot do other activities. Be careful, killing act bosses can take a long time and may not necessarily be profitable. If your build struggles to kill the bosses, focus instead on the level run and quit when you get to the boss!

Note that the Shadows Realms and Chaos Towers do not drop in the levels before the boss, only on the waypoint maps.

Interest: to do if no other activity available

Alchemists dm gaming

One thing is certain, you will have a lot to do before you have gone through the entire game! The level of difficulty of these late game instances is also very high, you will first have to go through a lot of farming and trading to be able to claim to succeed!

By Alchemists, January 2021

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