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Hero Siege PC test

Hero Siege PC test: to know everything about this Pixel art hack and slash, playable for 2 locally and 4 online! Video and guide!


Hero siege is a Hack and Slash pixel art incorporating roguelike elements, with randomly generated areas containing bosses, loots, and mobs! Playable with 2 locally and 4 online. The game is easily found on sale for a base of a few euros and a complete pack including all the characters for around thirty euros.


  • Intro: (00:00)
  • Game content: (00:15)
  • Gameplay and build: (02:20)
  • Resources and objects: (03:55)
  • Rating and conclusion: (05:38)

Game content

Hero Siege takes the initial system of diablo 3, namely 4 difficulty: normal, nightmare, hell and inferno. You will therefore have to go through the 7 acts of the game (6 + 1 dlc) 4 times before completing the story. The little extra is that each difficulty can be increased up to level 5, boosting damage and enemy life but increasing your experience and your loot. This difficulty can be changed at will as long as you are in town. You can therefore browse for example act 1 in normal level 5 then make the boss in normal level 3.

Once you have completed the inferno level (allow about twenty hours), the endgame system is not left out with a flaw system (whormole), a tower with several floors, a shadow realm with increasing difficulty and an instance “of the future”, ubers, a secret area… In short, you will still have something to take care of!

The quests are on the other hand quite incidental, you will be asked to pick up items or kill someone and you will have loot as a reward. The advantage is that they are not very complicated or essential, so you will not be forced to make them if the desire does not take you. However, if you want to do them, I advise you to complete them all, because leaving unfinished quests will bug the ones in the next difficulty.

The game offers 8 base classes and 10 paid classes, and continues to update with new classes. You do not of course need to buy, the game offers a system in no way pay to win.

Hero Siege also features a rather well-thought-out rogue-like element called Relics. You will pick up relics as you go, they stack up to 30. For example 2% health, 5% damage, poison attacks, and so on. If you die you will lose all Relics and have to collect them again.

To end on the content, there is a season system, currently season 11, allowing to renew the characters and players present in the game.

Acts, difficulties and classes

Hero Siege difficulty system and act

Hero Siege classes

Rogue-Like Relics

Relic hero Siege

Online mode

Here is the list of the functionalities of the online mode, in addition to the seasonal operation. Please note, it is impossible to play with 2 on the same pc in online mode, so you must have two pc with two games to play as a duo.

  • Create and join a guild
  • Sell ​​and buy items between player at auction house (NPC first town)
  • Chat, create and join games
  • Participate in the seasonal ranking

Home of online mode

online hero siege

Gameplay and build

Like all Hack and Slash, Hero Siege lets you do your builds. These are on the other hand quite limited, you will have a little less than twenty spells and passives, with 100 points to invest in them, knowing that it takes 20 points to max out a spell. You will therefore have quickly toured the builds of the class via this system. In addition, some characters have two types of damage, for example the pirate with fire and ice, and will therefore be mainly on one of the two types of damage, increasing the number of spells and passives to a small ten.

When you reach level 100, you will unlock hero points, in the same way as the paragon points of Diablo 3, these on the other hand increasing slowly, count around 30 minutes for 1 hero point.

The gameplay of Hero Siege is quite confusing: it will be quite interesting at the start of the game, much less in Nightmare and Hell difficulty where you will spend most of your time pressing your spell buttons, and a little more in Inferno where you will have to deal with the bosses. The bosses will be nice and will require a little more technique. Still, the gameplay of Hero Siege is a bit redundant, even if there has been a great effort on the bestiary side (boss / mobs), and may put off a certain number of players.

Build Pirate Plunder

Build hero seat

Resources and objects

The resources of Hero Siege are common to other Hack & Slash, for the level up part you can use Gold, Legendary Powder and Mythic Powder to craft items. You can also mine by tapping a vein at the right time to extract its minerals. These will be very useful in late game. However, the mass of minerals required to obtain an item is very tedious to collect (too long and too uninteresting) and, in my opinion, limits the proper functioning of the game. Fortunately, it is not mandatory to mine, you can also search powerful items among mobs and bosses and possibly trade minerals so you would need to.

In the late game, the important currencies will be crystals, rubies and jades, allowing you to buy and improve your items. The gems will also be important, because it will be very difficult to have a max level gem in each slot of your equipment.

Items are categorized into Common, Superior, Rare, Legendary, Mythic, Set, and Satanic. Obtaining the Satanic items is the key to the game, their power is inordinate and only one of its items will make you jump ahead. Count two satanic items to complete the inferno difficulty 1 mode. The farming time for these items, whether mining or looking for creeps is quite long, so you will have to spend a lot of time before finding a satanic for each of them. your equipment locations. If you don't like farming, this will be a big problem for a successful late game.

Hero siege also has two mercenaries, you can choose a melee or a ranged one and give it equipment, which will give you a little more dps or tanking.

Inventory and resources

The Hero Siege Inventory


Mining Hero Siege

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- A cheap and easy to access game
- Completely not pay-to-win
- Seasonal monitoring and system
- Lots of content and bestiary
- The rogue-like relic system

- Overly redundant gameplay
- Lots of farm
- The unconvincing mining principle

Alchemists dm gaming

My opinion on Hero Siege is quite mixed, even if it brings a lot of content and remains fun to play, you will have to spend a lot of hours of farming before being able to test the end-game instances. It remains nevertheless appreciable, especially in multiplayer and it is in this context that I would recommend it to you. If you've got friends and love Hack and Slash, this one must be for you!

Not bad !

three star dm gaming

By Alchemists, January 2021

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