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The Gatewalkers Test

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Gatewalkers Test, find in this video all the information on this new survival rpg action! Gameplay, bosses, crafting, and progression!


  • Intro: (00:00 )
  • Combat System: (00:08 )
  • Progression and talent tree: (00:40 )
  • Craft and craft: (01:20 )
  • Survival and World: (02:12 )
  • Balance sheet and note: (03:19 )
  • Last word: (04:04 )

Combat system

The first strong aspect of Gatewalkers is the boss fights. These are very well crafted and ultra engaging, plunging you straight into the heart of the matter. Be careful, the difficulty is quite demanding, and you will need a good preparation as well as to know their mechanics in order to be able to dodge your attacks as well as possible and place yours!

Boss Gatewalkers Test, a 2021 survival-based action rpgBoss fights, an appreciable difficulty!

Progression and talent tree

The game's progression system is quite original, you will unlock points to put in a talent tree when you complete quests. These talents will allow you to improve your equipment and your craft, by allowing you for example to craft jewelry, weapons and armor, but also more efficient pickaxes.

You will also have a passive tree, allowing for example to increase your chances of critical strike.

Crafts and craft

Crafting is the basis of Gatewalkers, don't expect to drop legendary items, but rather materials to craft your own arsenal. There are multiple NPCs and recipes to unlock, allowing a very wide and varied crafting. However, it will take a little while to find your way around, and you will have to spend a significant part of your adventure collecting leather, picking berries and chopping wood.

Craft Gatewalkers Test, a 2021 survival-based action rpgYou will often need to collect materials in order to craft your equipment

Survival and world

The world is divided into instances, you start at the guild and can travel to different worlds to perform tasks and missions. For example, you will have to investigate, find materials, kill a boss, etc. Before leaving, you will need to prepare for your expedition. Every world is full of danger and you will die quickly without being prepared for it. For example, you will need a torch for the night, a helmet to limit the effect of poison clouds and a cloak to resist the cold.

The graphics are ok, although for a “new” game I would have liked a little more depth!

Survival Gatewalkers Test, an action rpg based on survival in 2021You will quickly learn that the night is not your friend!

Balance sheet and note

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- Super cool boss fights
- An adventure worthy of the name
- Lots of customization possibilities

- Not very intuitive and quite complex
- Lots of time to pick up materials
- Graphics a little average

Alchemists dm gaming

Gatewalkers surprises with its style of play, quite unique in its kind. It will be perfect if you are looking for adventure and want to devote enough time to it not to be put off by the difficulty and complexity of it! It will therefore be perfect for those looking for this specific genre but could on the contrary put off new players in the genre.

three star dm gaming

By Alchemists, May 2021

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