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Wave 1 Extension Pass Test

Hyrule Warriors Age of Scourge DM gaming

Hyrule Warriors, Era of the Scourge expansion pass: find all the information on wave 1 of June 2021 in this test!

Best Torchlight Infinite Fire Mage Build, for speedfarm with gemma
Major Diablo Immortal update, the long-awaited one with Forgotten Nightmares
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  • Summary Intro: (00:00)
  • New progression system: (00:15)
  • New weapons and enemies: (01:03)
  • New missions and dangerous specimens: (02:25)
  • New Hero, Seasoned Guardian: (03:44)
  • Lifetime: (05:44)
  • Balance sheet and note: (06:15)
  • Last word: (07:08)

New progression system

I'll start with one of the coolest things about the Expansion Pass, the progression system. You will be able to achieve different objectives in order to unlock the content, accessing new weapons and powers, such as improving chopsticks or being able to buy apples.

This system is pretty well thought out and makes you want to play the pass and unlock the entire tree!

the Hyrule Warriors progression systemThe new eye-catching progression system

New weapons and enemies

Without necessarily transcending the bestiary, you will have the right to some modified creeps, like big chuchu or black hinox, these are pretty cool but there are no real new creeps either. You can also come across powerful enemies, with an additional buff (such as more damage or resistance), allowing you to have the resources to unlock the progression system.

Two additional weapons for existing characters are unlockable:

  • the plague for Link
  • the steed for Zelda

The bane is pretty cool and fun to play, however I didn't really get hooked on Zelda's steed, being unwieldy and rather messy.

the steed of Zelda Hyrule WarriorsZelda's steed, a nice motorcycle without more, facing a wizard Blizzaro nice without more!

New missions

Some very nice missions are added to the DLC, however the majority of the additions are of the "Dangerous specimen" type, that is to say a map where you have to take 2-3 outposts in order to go and kill the beast, which will be accompanied by quite a few elite minions. On paper it's nice, in practice too redundant. It will take a good bunch to unlock the progression tree and you will quickly fall back on missions that you have already played. Fortunately, these redundant missions are accompanied by the few original missions!

The Hyrule Warriors Dangerous Specimen MissionsThe dangerous specimen missions will occupy a good part of this pass.

New character

Who has never dreamed of being able to play as a super guardian, and with this DLC it will be possible! Rather friendly and with good skills, you can smash Ganon's minions with big lasers and paws!

Guardian Seasoned Hyrule WarriorsSeasoned Guardian, the new character of Hyrule Warriors

Durée de vie

If I count half of the extension pass, i.e. 10 € for this wave 1, you can play between 5 and 10 hours on this pass. It's a bit weak in my opinion, especially given the quality of the base album, I told myself that we would have more to eat!

Balance sheet and note

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- A pleasure to play Hyrule Warriors again
- The eye-catching progression system
- A nice new character
- New very nice missions ...

- ... but the specimen missions are too redundant
- No madness for new monsters and weapons
- Fairly short lifespan

Alchemists dm gaming

I was expecting a first wave of buffer, allowing players to wait for the release of wave 2, and I feel like this is exactly what we find in this part of the pass. extension. Even if there are good ideas, this expansion pass mainly allows you to add content without necessarily integrating into the base story and without adding real new elements to the game. less sympathetic to hand over Hyrules Warriors, I can not wait to see if wave 2 is more consistent.

I noted this wave 1 3/5

three star dm gaming

Hyrule Warriors Age of Scourge DM gaming

By Alchemists, June 2021

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