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Unlock the secret character Suppa from the Age of the Scourge Hyrule Warrior Expansion Pass

Unlock the secret character Suppa

Hyrule Warriors Age of Scourge DM gaming

How to get Suppa in Hyrule Warriors Age of the Scourge, included in the game's DLC but well hidden! The complete guide!

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  • Intro: (00:00)
  • Mission the Yigas retreat and preparations: (00:13)
  • Key points of the Yiga Retreat mission: (00:58)
  • Suppa Gameplay: (06:09)
  • Last word: (07:02)

The Yigas Retreat and preparations

In order to successfully unlock Suppa, you will have to complete the "Yigas Retreat" mission with certain conditions. To be well prepared, here is what I recommend:

  • put the game on easy difficulty
  • have a full baguette stock
  • have already completed the mission, in order to be able to take Mipha or one of your other characters as powerful as possible
  • you will have to complete souvenir mission 3, not lose any Yiga officer

the retreat of the yigas, three souvenir mission to complete to unlock SuppaThe retreat of the Yigas to end with the memory 3

Progress of the Yigas Retreat mission

You will understand, the first objective is that no Yiga officer dies. For that I recommend the lightning rods on the water zones, it will quickly calm the enemy officers. Use Mipha's ultimate attack as needed to heal the officers. After clearing the first two camps, go to the officer downstairs. Even if the rest of the troop goes on the top one, it is the bottom one that will be in difficulty the most quickly. Clean the area and then do the same with the top one. Then continue to clear the plain and collect ultimates. Kill the miniboss then you will have the cutscene where a Yiga officer will stay behind. This is the point where it is worth paying the most attention.

  1. Continue first to kill the two Ice Mobelins
  2. Continue to make the shadows appear, but above all do not kill them, otherwise the Yiga officer left behind will die.
  3. Return to the gates, which are marked "closed" on the map. Neither go until you make the shadows appear, otherwise it won't work
  4. In front of the door you will have a speech from Kohga who will ask the officer to open the door

Then clean the enemies, then return to the camp to destroy it. Always watch that your three officers are at maximum health and following you well (they don't have the smartest AI). Clean up the enemies that attack you as you go, then go to the point of the objective. Suppa will be controllable, but stay on your main character to kill the two shadows of Ganon and complete the mission!

Suppa the last hidden character to unlock from Hyrule Warriors Age of the ScourgeAt the end of the mission, you will be able to play Suppa

Suppa gameplay

Suppa is the chief officer of the Yiga gang, he is a warrior of unerring loyalty. He de facto administers the gang in place of a large Kohga, who is naturally lazy. The gameplay is that of a very dynamic swordsman, with a special ability the counter-attack, cumulative three times, which is complicated but ultra powerful!

Suppa Hyrule Warriors' counterattack the scourge eraSuppa's counterattack in all its glory!

Alchemists dm gaming

Thanks to this guide, you will be able without difficulty to unlock the last hidden character of Hyrule Warriors The Age of the Flail, Suppa! It would be a shame to miss out on one of the key elements of the expansion pass!

Hyrule Warriors Age of Scourge DM gaming

By Alchemists, November 2021

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