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How to get started on Last Epoch with our guide in French! All the good information to know to get started with the game with this tutorial!


Some info if you don't know which character to choose. Of course this is a summary and is by no means limited to the text below.

  • Mage
    • Spellblade: the combat mage
    • Sorcerer: the elemental mage
    • Runemaster: not available yet
  • Sentinel
    • Paladin: Healing virtue warrior
    • Void Knight: warrior based on attacks and spells of the void
    • Forge Guard: the tank par excellence
  • Arrogant
    • Falconer: not available yet
    • Marksman: not available yet
    • Bladedancer: not available yet
  • Acolyte
    • Necromancer: necromantic summons
    • Warlorck: not available yet
    • Lich: blood magic spells
  • Shaman
    • Beastmaster: animal summons
    • Druid: the elements
    • Shaman: totems


  • No stats gain via leveling (only via passives)
  • Gain 5 heal and 1 heal per potion per level
  • Glancing blow: chance that the blow received will be halved


  • 20 points in the primary shaft unlocks the other shafts
  • Choice of your master's degree at the end of act 1 (final attention!)
  • Possibility to put points in trees not “mastered” up to level 15
  • If need to modify the 20 points of the primary shaft, add more in order to always have at least 20


  • Each spell has its own skill tree
  • You can develop this tree on 5 spells by gaining xp (top left bar)
  • The respecialization of spells is free, on the other hand the spell drops by one level per point respec '


  • The prefix and suffix are indicated
  • You can add an affix if you have room or improve those present
  • Each stack of craft can add a fracture
    • Minor: the item can no longer be modified but retains its Affix Third Party.
    • Major: the item can no longer be modified and all the affixes change to T1
  • Using a rune increases the instability of an object
  • The glyphs make it possible to reduce the risks of crafting and to save the third parties in the event of fracture of the object but are rather to be kept for the late game


A big thank you to KweSs for its additional information!

Alchemists dm gaming

You should have all the info to get started on Last Epoch. If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly!

By Alchemists, April 2020

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