Best Local Co-op Games

The best local co-op games, to have a great time with two to four players on the couch!


chronicon dm gaming logo chronicon The ultra deep pixel hack and slash!
Hero siege Ultra-deep pixel hack and slash!
warhammer chaosbane logo dm gaming Warhammer Chaosbane The multiplayer hack and slash of warhammer!

Ghostlore, the new retro action hack & slash flavor Final Fantasy and Diablo, in 60 seconds Ghostlore 60 SECS #16 14/04/2022 HnS, Retro The indie hack & slash Diablo and FF flavor!
Hammerwatch the Dm Gaming review Hammerwatch test, retro co-op adventure 01/06/2020 Coop, Pixel Art, Test The indie hack and slash playable in coop!


Blightbound Logo Dm Gaming Submenu blight bound The roguelite scroller in three-way co-op!
Bravery and Greed Dm Gaming submenu Bravery and Greed The roguelite dungeon crawler co-op!
children of morta logo submenu dm gaming Children of Morta The sublime roguelite story in duo!
Rogue Heroes Dm Gaming Logo below logo RogueHeroes The mix of Zelda and roguelite adventure!

Astral Ascent, the new rogue-lite inspired by Celeste and Hades Astral Ascent 60 SECS #17 15/04/2022 Roguelite The spiritual child of Celeste and Hades!
Conan Chop Chop, the rogue-lite hack & slash Conan Chop Chop 60 SECS #9 20/02/2022 HnS, Roguelite Play solo or co-op on Conan Chop Chop!
Ember Knights, the new Rogue-Lite Hack And Slash playable at 4 in 2022! #19 Ember Knights 60 SECS #19 20/04/2022 HnS, Roguelite The rogue-Lite Hack & Slash playable for four!
Full Metal Furies, my favorite game from the creators of Rogue Legacy Full Metal Furies 60 SECS #39 11/01/2023 beat em up, Roguelite The Beat Em Up by Rogue Legacy!
Hellcard, the roguelite deckbuilder Hellcard 60 SECS #48 05/03/2023 Strategy Hellcard, the roguelite deckbuilder!
Knights of braveland, the classic beat em up roguelite! Knights of Braveland 60 SECS #47 03/03/2023 beat em up Go on an adventure in this roguelite!
Liberté, the rogue-lite deckbuilder where you change the course of an alternative Lovecraftian French Revolution UJESS #8 Freedom 60 SECS #8 19/02/2022 Coop, India, Roguelite The roguelite in the revolution!
Lost Castle death Spirit hidden stage Lost Castle, the hidden end 10/02/2020 End game, Secret Secrets of the Lost Castle ending!
Rogue-lite Action and Tower Defense Rogue Star Rescue UJESS # 1 Rogue Star Rescue 60 SECS #1 02/01/2022 Roguelite, Shooter, TD Action RPG, Tower Defense and Roguelite!
Ship of Fools, the new duo roguelite! With a steam key to win Ship of Fools 60 SECS #38 28/11/2022 Roguelite Embark on this roguelite party game!
The Crackpet Show, early access test The Crackpet Show, the test 03/01/2022 Coop, Gore, Roguelite, Shooter The happy tree friends co-op shooter!
This Mean Warps, Overcooked in Space with a Spaceship! In 60 seconds This Means Warp 60 SECS #18 16/04/2022 Party Game, Roguelite Missions in space like a party game!
Tunche, a co-op Rogue-Lite Scroller with super addictive gameplay November 2021 Tunche, Scroller Rogue-Lite Coop! 07/11/2021 Preview The test of this roguelite beat em up!


Baldur's Gate 3 dm gaming logo Baldur's Gate 3 The sequel to the legendary game!
streets of rage 4 logo Streets Of Rage 4 The sequel after a very long absence!

Assault Android Cactus, the ultra fun co-op arcade shooter UJESS #11 Assault Android Cactus 60 SECS #11 05/03/2022 Arcade, Coop, Fun, Shooter A great co-op arcade twin stick shooter!
Broforce, one of the best co-op games to get through a good night, in 60 seconds Broforce 60 SECS #30 31/07/2022 beat em up, scroller One of the best games to play with others!
The best video game! UJESS #14 Divinity Original Sin 2 Divinity Original Sin 60 SECS #15 09/04/2022 rPG, Round by round Simply the best game!
Jitsu Squad, the new beat em up in 60 seconds Jitsu Squad 60 SECS #14 29/03/2022 beat em up A delirious Beat Em Up, arcade and cartoon!
Lumencraft, the survival, exploration, base building and shooter game Lumencraft 60 SECS #46 01/03/2023 Dig and build to stay alive!
Brawl Mayhem, 2021 beat'em all test Mayhem Brawler, the test 19/08/2021 scroller, Test Mayhem Brawler Test, the beat'em up scroller!
Pummel Party, the contestant Mario UJESS #12 Pummel Party 60 SECS #12 12/03/2022 Party Game The Mario Party competitor on PC!
Stick Fight, Fight between friends UJESS #13 Stick Fight 60 SECS #13 19/03/2022 Walking stick How to solve a problem between friends!
The Ascent, the single-player or co-op cyberpunk action RPG shooter! #26 The Ascent 60 SECS #26 29/05/2022 rPG, Shooter Action RPG twin stick shooter for up to 4 players!