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Build Dancing Strike Last Epoch 0 9, to kill with style on the Bladedancer
All Bravery and Greed Traits

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Lost Ark

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Learn all about Lost Ark! Tutorials, guides, builds and gameplay to easily get started with the game!

lost ark game test Lost Ark huge world, beautiful but… 27/05/2020 HnS, MMO, Test HnS and mmo with Korean sauce!


Build Warlock Starter Assassin Lost Ark Build Warlock Starter Lost Ark 21/03/2022 Starter Warlock Demonic Drive Assassin!
build bard lost ark Best Build Bard Lost Ark 23/06/2020 Mage, Support All the important points of the bard!

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good start on lost ark, its class, its server, rush history and equipment Lost Ark Beginner Guide 10/03/2022 Full, Beginner How to start well on Lost Ark!
lost ark npc guide Lost Ark NPC Guide 15/06/2020 NPC The list of NPCs and their usefulness!


secret dungeon lost ark Lost Ark Secret Dungeons 04/06/2020 Instance How to access hidden dungeons!
world boss lost ark World Boss Lost Ark 11/06/2020 Boss All about world bosses!

boss fight lost ark gameplay Lost Ark Gameplay Boss Enemies System 29/05/2020 Boss, Gameplay To understand the mechanics of the bosses!
gameplay dungeon hard lost ark Lost Ark Gameplay Dungeon Hard Preview 01/06/2020 Gameplay, Instance Introducing Hard Dungeons!