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Learn all about Lost Ark! Tutorials, guides, builds and gameplay to easily get started with the game!


lost ark game test Lost Ark Test 27/05/2020 HnS, MMO, Test Lost Ark Test: Korean-style HnS and mmo mix is ​​vast and beautiful, but is it enough? The answer !


Build Warlock Starter Assassin Lost Ark Build Warlock Starter Lost Ark 21/03/2022 Starter My Shadow Hunter Demonic Pulse Assassin build to start very well in Lost Ark in PvE with Tier 1 gear!
build bard lost ark Best Build Bard Lost Ark 23/06/2020 Mage, Support Best Build Bard Lost Ark, all the important points of the bard. Find spells, stats and stuff in this guide!


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good start on lost ark, its class, its server, rush history and equipment Lost Ark Beginner Guide 10/03/2022 Full, Beginner How to start well on Lost Ark with classes, leveling, story phase, equipment and skills in this beginner's guide!
lost ark npc guide Lost Ark NPC Guide 15/06/2020 NPC NPC Lost Ark, the list of NPCs and their usefulness, in video or text format! With this guide, the NPCs easier!


secret dungeon lost ark Lost Ark Secret Dungeons 04/06/2020 Instance Secret dungeons Lost Ark: how to access them, what is the interest and the drops? All the information in this French guide tutorial!
world boss lost ark World Boss Lost Ark 11/06/2020 Boss World Boss Lost Ark, the world bosses of Lost Ark, these big monsters that pop and roam on open world maps.


boss fight lost ark gameplay Lost Ark Gameplay Boss 29/05/2020 Boss, Gameplay Lost Ark Gameplay Boss, two bosses on Lost Ark to understand the mechanics of the bosses with the associated gameplay!
gameplay dungeon hard lost ark Lost Ark Gameplay Challenging Dungeon 01/06/2020 Gameplay, Instance Lost Ark Difficult dungeon gameplay, presentation of dungeons and interest in doing them in difficult level!