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Three new Arc Mist runewords, Pattern claws, and Flickering Flame helmet
Assassin Trombe Whirlwind, the power of physical damage and traps Diablo 2 Resurrected

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Beginner Guide

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Lost Ark: Complete Beginner's Guide - Learn all about currencies, quests, spells, stats, etc! This tutorial is available in text or video!

Three new Arc Mist runewords, Pattern claws, and Flickering Flame helmet
Assassin Trombe Whirlwind, the power of physical damage and traps Diablo 2 Resurrected
Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by Dm Gaming

Main quest and side quest

  • You will always have side quests associated with the main quest
  • They will be in the main quest area, so talk to everyone before you start your quest.
  • Side quests also allow you to have stats for your character
  • You will get "Quest" consumables, take them all to complete the regions
  • These completed regions will give you access to rewards, as you go.
  • After a quest package you will have access to a dungeon, in "normal" or "difficult", try to finish it in difficult to maximize the loot
  • The polishing (the light blue diamonds on your equipment) corresponds to the level of quality of this one
  • Press J then locate if needed

Professions (Life Skill)

Trades are unlocked during a main quest, while waiting for the "life skill" to appear with a padlock.
You will need harvesting equipment (pickax, basket, etc.) to be able to collect trees, mines etc.
There are six professions:

  • Gathering: collecting plants
  • Mining (miner): recover metals
  • Fishing: collect various fish
  • Lumbering (lumberjack): recover wood
  • Hunting: collect meat
  • Archeology (archaeologist): allows you to find artefacts


  • Various music will be unlocked as you go
  • The first will be to get out of the dungeons, then to encourage questing troop
  • The game will make you use them when you need to at first, so don't worry too much about them!

NPC affinity

  • It is possible to improve relations with some NPCs
  • They are marked by a heart
  • You can give them the affinity items (the ones with a heart in your inventory)
  • Each level you pass gives you rewards
  • You can also make emotes or music to gain affinity

Game currencies

Different currencies are available, each with their own utility

  • Silver: to buy from standard NPCs
  • Crystal: to buy at the Cash Shop (game money)
  • Crystal Ore: to buy at the Cash Shop (real money)
  • Gold: to buy house action from players
  • Lupeon Seal: to buy from priests and collectors
  • Mokoko seed: be on the map to buy from the specific NPC

The map

  • Alt + left click to teleport to a waypoint on the map (tab)
  • Open the map and zoom out with right click
  • Zoom on the map with the roulette wheel

The stats

Combat stats

  • Intelligence / Strength / Dexterity: increases your damage
  • Vitality: increases max life
  • Critical: critical chance
  • Specialty: increases your special skill (Z)
  • Subdue: increases damage taken by CC enemies
  • Agility: increases attack speed, cooldown and move speed
  • Endurance: increases overall defenses
  • Proficiency: increases the duration of enemy statuses and reduces on self

Stats of your nature. They are not essential but serve as a prerequisite for some for some Mokoko, affinity quests or dialogue requiring minimum stats (thanks to the Lost Ark FR discord for their help!).

  • Intelligence
  • Kidness
  • Charm
  • Courage

Useful information

  • Ancient Gold Coins are only items for sale in the NPC
  • Loots in public are only for oneself
  • The "dismantle" only allows you to empty your inventory
  • Life Skill's ax throwing kills roaming animals like rabbits
  • Quests give you an item to use on F5, be careful not to get stuck on it!
  • The "skill points potions" are potions giving skill points or life points
  • There is a card game system, available after level 30 in the main city

The titles

  • Each title gives you a permanent cumulative bonus
  • You can therefore buff your character by achieving several achievements
  • However, you can only display one title

Secret dungeons

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