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Build Warlock Starter Assassin Lost Ark

Build Shadow Hunter Demonic Pulse

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My Shadow Hunter Demonic Pulse Assassin build to start very well in Lost Ark in PvE with Tier 1 gear!


  • Demonic Pulse Warlock Build, to get Lost Ark off to a good start! :(00:00)
  • ​ Engravings, choices and possibilities: (00:27)
  • Skills : (01:28)
  • Equipment : (02:28)
  • Gameplay: (03:02)
  • Thanks for watching this video! :(04:18)

Warlock What is Demonic Pulse?

The warlock plays in two quite different ways:

• with the demonic impulse engraving, which will allow you to turn into a demon as often as possible, that of our build
• with the perfect suppression engraving, which on the contrary focuses on the human form.

The warlock uses an identity skill, the identity skill is what individualizes each class from others of the same archetype. For our warlock, his identity skill takes the form of a corruption gauge. This one fills up as she inflicts damage on her enemies, once full, the warlock takes on the form of a demon.
The Warlock is suitable for aggressive players, the statistics associated with her demonic form make her formidable in melee because she adds 20% attack and movement speed and grants you 6 new very powerful skills.


For the Demonic Pulse Warlock build, you will need two engravings in the slots:

  • Demonic Pulse which causes the Ataraxia effect to not activate when Demonization ends. You have a cooldown of 30s when you have finished your demonization, the demonic pulse engraving allows you to remove this cooldown to directly start filling your corruption gauge again.
  • adrenaline, the warlock needs critical chance and attack power. Adrenaline offers both, this engraving increases your attack power by 1% for 6s after using a stackable attack skill 6 times, when you have reached the maximum stacks you gain 15% critical hits.

Here are the interesting engravings that can be added to your equipment. Each equipment engraving gives two bonuses and one penalty:

  • Sharpened Weapon: Critical Damage +50,00%; your attacks have a chance to deal -20,00% damage.
  • Master of Strike: Damage from attacks (excluding front and back) +16%, does not apply to awakening skills.
  • Soul Capture: Increases your attack and movement speed by 15%
  • Raid Captain: Increases damage dealt by 45%
  • Awakening: Reduces the cooldown of your Awakening skills by 50%

Engravings Build Warlock Demonic Drive AssassinThe engravings of the Assassin build


Here are the skills of the build:

  • Clean cut will be a plus on your mobility, with the excellent mobility you gain an additional two meters distance (11 m in total), in addition to bringing mobility the skill will do damage and give you immunity to paralysis
  • Demonic Slash is your ability to dodge or move, you can increase the distance by 2m with Prime Mobility.
  • Cruel Cut, will be your high damage skill, combined with Bleeding Effect, ranged attack and boomerang you will maximize your DPS. Demonic Sight generates the most Corruption gauge, but Demonic Sight requires skill to cast it, so we replaced Demonic Sight with Cruel Slice.
  • Howl also generates the most corruption gauge, it's very easy to cast, it applies a 12% DPS buff to you and your party, fast recovery will reduce your cooldown by 3s, and law of the jungle will increase your damage by 100 % to all enemies up to Elite rank, and mighty roar will increase your area of ​​effect by 25% and increase your damage by 100% (200% up to Elite enemies)
  • Violent Impact will increase your Corruption Gauge with Blast and Improved Blast which will increase your DPS and damage area, all the way to unlocking Invading Power.
  • Demonic Clone with Vital Hits will increase your Crit Rate by 20% and allow you to hit multiple enemies at once to increase your Corruption Gauge faster
  • Demonic Grasp is also used to increase your Identity Gauge, Quick Recovery will allow you to lower the cooldown of the skill by 4s and Piercing Hands will ignore 40% of enemies defense, Outstretched Hands will push enemies back instead of pulling them
  • Decimation also increases your corruption gauge, on it you can put fast recovery to further reduce cooldowns, critical strike forever increases our critical damage by 100%, and finally cruel hand will inflict 80% more damage at the end of the skill
  • While in Demon Form, Nuisance Assault and Vaulting Smash are your move abilities, while Deathclaw is your counter.

In total you have 3 dodges and movement:

  • The natural dodge
  • Demonic Slash
  • Clean cut

Skills Build Warlock Demonic Drive AssassinThe skills of my Demonic Drive Warlock


Here are the stats to aim for:

  • Specialization, allows you to be more often and longer in Demon form, aim for 75% of your pieces of equipment
  • Critical, for your critical damage, aim for 25% of your gear
  • on my equipment, I currently have too much crit and very little specialization

Gear Build Warlock Demonic Drive AssassinThe statistics of my build, with a lack of Specialization

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PandaSchizo Dm Gaming

If you are looking for a Warlock Assassin build, do not hesitate to orient yourself towards this powerful and dynamic character! A very good build to get off to a good start on Lost Ark!

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By Panda-Schizo, March 2022

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