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Lost Castle Test Dm Gaming

Lost Castle Game Test

Lost Castle Game Test: Bring your mates and play up to 4 in local co-op in this ultra-life rogue dungeon crawler!

Lost Castle Test Dm Gaming


Lost Castle is a 2D scrolling action RPG, with random elements and rogue-like dungeons, for up to four players to play! Developed by AnotherIndie and released in August 2016.

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- Playable for 4 in local co-op
- The diversity of equipment
- Lifetime

- The Y which cannot be done if we attack
- Hang in there to finish it!

Alchemists dm gaming

Lost Castle is super fun. I had never hooked on the rogue-like style, however this one is super cool. If you have two or three friends under your elbow, go for it!
I recommend !

By Alchemists, October 2019

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