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2020/2021: Reviews and future games

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2020/2021: find in this publication a review of the past year with the 2021 schedule! All the info from DM Gaming!



2020 was a pivotal year for DM Gaming, with the shutdown of the Heroes of the Storm team and the switch to multi-gaming, the bet was far from won! The launch of the website and the improvement of the Youtube channel were a great success, you have some figures below:

  • Website : 250 guides et 50 games covered, with 2000 page views per day
  • Youtube : 1000 subscribers in one year and obtaining the partnership, with 1000 views per day
  • Twitch: the channel was a little less active, in particular due to the time abyss represented by the two activities above
  • Patreon: already 4 people support us financially


For 2021, the idea is to continue on the guideline of DM Gaming: Authenticity, quality and reliability. I would also like to be able to stream a bit more now that the website is well advanced. In terms of games, these are the ones that will be covered:

  • Hack & Slash : Path of Exile then Last Epoch, possibly Wolcen / Chronicon and Path of Exile 2
  • RPG : Baldur's Gate 3
  • Moba : League of Legends

In terms of projects, four large important projects will be extensively studied and if possible implemented:

  • News : give you at least monthly recaps of what's going on!
  • Accommodation transfer : to avoid latency problems during connection spikes
  • Android app : to have DM Gaming on the phone
  • Coding improvement of the website: I think more of 2022 but I would at least like to initiate it

Last word

I am initiating this type of information in 2021, I hope they interest you, do not hesitate to indicate it in the comments of the page! In any case, without wanting to repeat it, but your support is extremely important for a non-profit organization like us, so feel free to share or comment! I thank you in any case all those who supported us year 2020 ^ _ ^

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