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4 top indie games to play in 2021, rogue-lite, hns and scroller

4 top indie games!

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4 top indie games in 2021: I present to you The Slormancer, Curse of the Dead Gods, Children of Morta and Rampage Knights!

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  • Summary Intro: (00:00)
  • A super deep hack & slash: (00:25)
  • A beat'em all scroller: (01:37)
  • A very good solo rogue-lite: (02:45)
  • A tough, co-op rogue-lite: (03:40)
  • Last word: (05:06)

The Slormancer, a super deep hack & slash action

The Slormancer Dm Gaming Logo submenu

If you're ever looking for a really good early access hack and slash, take a look at The Slormancer ! It's ultra comprehensive and deep, and even for Early Access will keep you occupied for a bunch of hours! It is a very big crush for me, and in addition it is developed by Slormite Studio, an independent studio of two French people!

You can currently play several classes and participate in the end game which is already available. Do not hesitate to add it to your wishlist on Steam, it allows you to help developers for free 🙂

the riches of The SlormancerPixels, builds, hard try, and loot!

Rampage Knight, a beat'em all scroller

rampage knights logo dm gaming

This game is not very recent since it dates from 2015, but is not very well known and that's a shame! Under a cartoon design aspect, it is nonetheless ultra complicated and will require good enemy management! It is also playable for two and will be perfect for having a good time as a duo!

Each run will allow you to unlock new classes and improve your elemental damage, for example, always taking you further and further in this 2.5D scroller!


a Rampage Knights bossRampage Knights bosses won't be easy!

Curse of the Dead Gods, a very good solo rogue-lite

Curse of the dead gods Logo Dm Gaming submenu

If you're good with your hands and love rogue-lites, Curse of the Dead Gods should be your thing. Improve your character and progress further and further in your expeditions in order to complete the game and then switch to hard mode, knowing that standard mode is already well done! A great challenge for the best, only 0,8% of players were able to complete it!

The advantage is that you will find weapons and relics to perfect your combos, and that you can unlock blessings, new weapons, favors and altars to aid you in your quest. To help you, consider taking a look at our Complete guides to Curse of the Dead Gods !

an elite mob on Curse of the Dead GodsThe artistic direction of Curse of the Dead Gods is on point!

Children of Morta, a tough, co-op rogue-lite

children of morta logo dm gaming

Chilmdren of Morta is the sensations of retro games with the comfort of a current game. You'll have all the interface and game optimizations you can have today, but pure retro styling like the game was released back then. There is no magic effect in all directions here, but the precision to be had and a very good management of your character! It is even more fun for two, but be careful with the level of the game!

In addition to unlocking the classes, these have synergies between them and it will therefore be very interesting to improve the other classes to gain masteries! You will also have a whole range of improvements in town to help you defeat the enemies of the game.

Children of Morta classesUnlock and upgrade all classes to help the family!

Last word

Be careful, this selection is more try hard oriented! The difficulty of the games is raised and you will need a little time to be able to succeed in doing things in it! On the other hand, each of the games is well worth the time invested, if you like the style of the game!

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