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January 2021 DM Gaming

January 2021: Path of Exile, Hero Siege, and Hosting

Dm Gaming News

January 2021: Path of Exile and Hero Siege folder, hosting of the powertrain website and youtube videos in 1080 p! The summary of the month!

January 2021 DM Gaming

Dm Gaming News

New site hosting and fiber!

The hosting of the website has been moved to avoid laggs. After a big week of bugs in early January, everything was back to normal with a phone call to the after-sales service and editing the code. Fiber has also arrived at my home, which will completely change my life, of course (goodbye 4G router, I will not miss you!), But will also significantly improve the quality of videos and stream from 720p 30 fps to 1080p 60 fps. You must have noted it on the last videos of the month, they are magnificent: ') (yes if I assure you!)

The Hero Siege folder is ready!

Hero Siege is the independent pixel art currently in season 11. Playable up to 4 online and 2 locally, and despite a fairly present bash, it remains super fun to play especially with several! Offering a large package of content that you will find on our Hero Siege folder, you will never be short of activities on this game 🙂 It is also very affordable!

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Our new guides on POE 3.13

The 3.13 Echoes of the Atlas expansion containing the Ritual League and Atlas's new passive system with the Maven has been live on the servers for a good two weeks; we took the opportunity to make an event viewers, new guides and soon our builds! Of course everything is on our Complete Path of Exile file !

A little personal word about this month

A personal word to conclude (good although the rest of the article was also quite personal ^^), I had a lot of thanks and encouragement this month, and especially on a complicated month like this , it was greatly appreciated and extremely invigorating, especially when the site was down. So a big thank you to you who supported us ^ _ ^

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