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Blacken Slash, the new indie roguelite tactical action rpg is coming July 2022!
60 Narmari Hell 2 Diablo Immortal dungeons, legendary drops, sets, sellable gems and caps

Event Saturday 13:30 p.m. Diablo 2 Resurrected with many prizes to be won

Saturday March 26 at 13:30 p.m.! Event D2R

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Be the first to finish act 1 in hardcore then compete to win very very nice gifts in softcore! Do not miss !


  • Sponsors intro: (00:00)
  • The vent, first to kill Andariel in Hardcore then fight! :(00:12)
  • How to participate : (01:38)
  • Rules before registering: (02:01)
  • Gifts for viewers and participants: (03:20)
  • See you Saturday at 13:30 p.m.! :(04:26)

The wind

Here is what the vent consists of:

  • everyone starts a new character in hardcore at 14 p.m.
  • the first 7 who finish act 1, within the limit of one hour and thirty minutes are qualified and win a first prize according to their ranking
  • the 7 qualified players then compete in FFA
  • there are 7 places and not 8 because an admin will be present for you to stream the event!


Here are the rules for proper operation:

  • you must have Battlenet Astorias as friends
  • you must be online no later than 13:45 p.m. Saturday
  • you must create a character at 14:00 p.m., when Astorias launches go on Twitch (so you must be present on Twitch to get the info)
  • the vent is on pc
  • if you die you can recreate a character, it is however forbidden to redo a character if the first one is not dead
  • it is forbidden to exceed level 15, if you killed Andariel in the first you can farm as you see fit as long as you do not exceed this limit! You can be level 15 and 99% experience
  • it is forbidden to collect equipment from other characters in hardcore
  • it is forbidden, throughout the event, to make exchanges, to play as a team or to make any interaction with other players

This vent is based on trust so that no one cheats, even if I have no doubts about the superb D2R Dm Gaming community, I prefer to specify that if there is a cheat it will be a ban on discord and networks dm. If you wish, you can share your game on Discord so the admins can take a look if needed! (plus, it's handy for seeing where you're at for the Stream!)

Prizes in games

This time again, you will have something to look good! All prices are given in Softcore. I also redesigned the gifts so that you like them even more, if you are first, you have priority on the choice of gift! The prizes are also deliberately unbalanced in terms of rune value in order to reward the first winners!

Price for the first to kill Andariel:

  • #1 - choice of the first batch KELSTROM
  • #2 - choice of the second batch and qualification brawl SEVIL
  • #3 - third batch pick and brawl qualification KLEINAST
  • #4 - fourth batch pick and brawl qualification ASTORIA
  • #5 - brawl qualifying SHIN
  • #6 - brawl qualifying KAMOV
  • #7 - brawl qualifying BLACKHAWK
  • #8 - brawl qualifying ALCHEMISTS
  • #9 - brawl qualifying NYKETS

For the FFA, it won't be the last one alive, you're all going to hide! But the one that kills the most other players! You can use all the techniques you want, the only thing that matters is the text written in the chat "Thing killed Bidule"!

  • #1 - Seville
  • #2 - Astorias
  • #3 - Kleinast & Nyketss

Participating gifts:

  • Don't be offended - 3 offended NYKETS
  • Awaken the beast in you - Beast weapon KLEINAST
  • The waking dream - monarch shield and diadem Dream SEVIL
  • To be sorrowful or strong - Rune Lo SEVIL
  • Pocket money for parents and grandparents - Pul x4, Mal, Ist, Ist, Gul, Gul BLACKHAWK
  • This one is easy - Riddle KELSTROM
  • Boost your merco - Eth Fortitude Sacred Armor, Eth Insight CV KAMOV
  • Boost your fighter - Coa 24 14 2 Shael, Raven 20 226 KLEINAST

Viewer gifts, they will be distributed during the live!

  • Annihilation - Annihilus 18 12 10 KELSTROM
  • I try my luck - CoA Unid, Gheed 40 MF, 2 small charms 7 mf SEVIL
  • I Like Resistances - Dusk Chain of Honnor Armor, Mara 30 KAMOV
  • Boost your hammerdin - Spirit SR 35fcr 45@, 20 fcr amulet, combat pala charm
  • Boost your soso - Arach, Facet 5/3 Cold, Facet 4/4 Lightning, Soso T 17/11, Amulet 20 FCR +1 soso BLACKHAWK

Registration and contacts

Participation is of course free and there are two very simple conditions to participate:

You can also follow us on our other networks, it is not mandatory but allows you to support Dm Gaming for free:

To register, it's very simple:

  • read the rules and follow the channel and our networks if possible
  • send a message to Astorias and add him as a friend on Battlenet
  • be present on Twitch Saturday at 13:45 p.m.

People to contact if needed:

  • Registrations, questions about the tournament, etc. : Astorias
  • Admin on D-Day as needed: Hmdll

A huge thank you to Kyo and Astorias who contributed a lot to the winnings!

Clarifications for PvP

The above rules apply, however here is an addition:

  • you can take potions (including antifreeze and poison)
  • no return to town (take potions!)
  • anti-games are prohibited, such as avoiding a fight indefinitely
  • rejuvenation potions are prohibited
  • mercenaries prohibited

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Alchemists dm gaming

Whether you are a spectator on the stream or whether you participate to try to win these great prizes on Diablo 2 Resurrected, we guarantee you a very good afternoon this Saturday! So don't miss the vent, see you at 13:30 p.m. on Twitch and D2R!

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By Alchemists, March 2022

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