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Hardcore Challenge # 1 Streets of Rage 4

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Hardcore challenges # 1: for this first Hardcore challenge you will have to complete the game in mania +, the new game mode of Streets of Rage 4!

[Event Finished]

Congratulations to Ckellyedits and FuzzYetDeadly for winning first and second place in the tournament! No other winner for this first edition, but it must be said that the level was very high! The good news is that the unearned € 5 rolls over for the Hardcore challenges # 2, which will arrive in a few weeks!

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In this section:

  • Intro (00:00)
  • Goal of the challenge and modalities (00:14)
  • Gains at stake (01:28)
  • Registration and results (02:00)
  • Winners table (02:30)
  • Last word (03:17)

Goal of the challenge and modalities

For this first Hardcore Challenge, here are the conditions:

  • Complete the game in Mania + mode
  • Arcade Mode
  • Number of player: 1 to 4, you can play with your friends without problem
  • You can disable friendly damage to multiple
  • No character restriction
  • Event begins July 15, as soon as the mania + update is available
  • The event ends as soon as there are 5 winners or after 1 month
  • You must own the game
  • DLC is not mandatory

In-game gains

For this first Hardcore Challenge, here are the prices! If you don't have a game in mind at the moment, don't worry, you can keep your winnings for a year and accumulate them!

  • 1st: a steam game with a maximum value of 20 €
  • 2nd: a steam game with a maximum value of 10 €
  • 3nd: a steam game with a maximum value of 5 €
  • 4th and 5th: entered in the winner's table

Once your victory is validated:

  • you have 1 year to choose a game
  • you can also keep your prize to accumulate with the winnings of the next Hardcore Challenges!


It will be the same for the next Hardcore Challenge, but I will repeat it!

  • No need to register
  • No charge in euros to participate
  • Follow the YouTube channel would be super cool but you don't have to


When you complete this challenge, here's how to post your result and claim your prize:

  • Post on this article that you have completed Arcade Mode in Mania +
    • indicate your Discord nickname or send me a mp if you don't want it to be public
  • The verification will be done by a Discord screen share, with the note of your run in Mania +
  • You can also tell me the people with whom you have teamed up, on the other hand there will be a reward only for the person who reports this result

Mania + Arcade Streets of Rage 4Here is what I will check in screen sharing!

Winners table


Rank Nickname (s) Time Gifts
1er Ckellydits Jul 15 18 p.m. Steam game 20 €
2e FuzzYetDeadly Jul 16 16 p.m. Steam Card 10 €
3e Free N/A Steam game € 5, re-rolled Hardcore challenges # 2!
4e Free N/A Your name on the board
5e Free N/A Your name on the board

Alchemists dm gaming

I can't wait to go try hard this new game mode, I hope you will be there and show your best skills in Streets of Rage 4, a game I love! Good luck to all the participants!

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By Alchemists, July 2021

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1 year ago

My Discord is ckellyedits # 6043

1:23:39 time with Cherry


I Hope you have facto in the fact that Asian Console Players Got The Game Like 15 Hours Early!

1 year ago

Thank you 🙂 was fun! Going to do one with Every Character Now

1 year ago

Hello, I've just completed Mania + and wanted to submit my entry.
My Discord is Glytch # 9569, 1:41:38 time with Blaze.
This was pretty tough and I got wrecked quite hard on the first attempt. Second one went well thankfully! 😁
I've sent the screenshots of proof direct to your Discord DM 🙂

1 year ago

Thank you! The Pleasure is mine, and Thanks for organizing this. It was chaotic but fun! 🎉

1 year ago

Here's the recording of the run for anyone interested 🙂