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Announcement, the Hardcores Challenges by Dm Gaming

Announcement, Hardcore Challenges by Dm Gaming!

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Hardcore Challenges by Dm Gaming! The launch of a new monthly event, where you show skill and try hard to win prizes!

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The principle of Hardcore Challenges

I have often thought about a way to share my passion for gaming and hard try-out, without really finding a nice way to achieve it, until today! I am delighted to present the Hardcore Dm Gaming Challenges to you!
As the name suggests, these will be complicated challenges with a price tag for the first ones. The goal is to combine hard and technical try and be the first to get there. You will therefore have to be persevering and show the power of your skill to succeed! The duration will be limited (usually 1 to 2 months) and then move on to a new Hardcore Challenge! The type of challenge will depend on the game schedule, for example a new season or a new game.
Here are some examples of hardcore challenge:

  • Complete the latest Curse of The Dead Gods expedition
  • Finishing off Hades in heat 20
  • Kill Anima's end boss
  • Kill the Maven on Path of Exile

The games will run every time and if you are not a fan of a game you can just wait for the next challenge!

Since the goal is to combine perseverance and technique, I will avoid anything that will be farm type, like:

  • Unlock all Hades Hidden Weapons
  • Reach level 100 POE
  • Reach level 1500 Anima

It is however clear that you will have to spend some time on the game in order to pass the challenge, but you can go about it however you see fit!

Finally, the challenges will be launched in such a way that everyone is on an equal footing (new game, new season, DLC etc.)

How to participate

Participation is open to anyone, you don't even need to subscribe to the YouTube or Twitch channel! (although it is obviously better). You will simply need an account on the site if you win to post your results. Owning the game on the other hand will be quite practical to complete the challenge, not all challenge games are free.

I will be announcing the challenges on the site, YouTube channel and discord as an article, and a few weeks before the start of the event. You will of course also have all the information related to the event in this article and video.

Once you've successfully completed the challenge, post a comment on the challenge article and leave me your contact details (discord, messenger, or Twitter, whatever you like) so I can verify your result! The verification method will be explained in the article (achievement steam, screenshot, etc.). I obviously count on your good faith!

In-game prizes for each challenge

The prices will be around 35 euros to start (amount divided between the prices) and will depend on the type of game. For example I will buy you a steam game, points on Path of Exile, etc. The goal is that you are bound to have a gift on the game you like!
A clarification on the operation, I will obviously participate in the events, since the goal is to share the passion! However, it wouldn't make sense for me to give myself the gift, so here's how it works:

  • 1st: around 20 € gift
  • 2nd: around 10 € gift
  • 3nd: around 5 € gift
  • 4th and 5th: entered in the winner's table

If I ever end up in the top 3, the prices will be staggered. For example if I finish 2nd, the first will have 20 euros, the 3rd 10 euros and the 4th 5 euros.

Key points summarized

Here is a summary of the main information from this post:

  • Registration: free and anyone can participate
  • Principle: combine hard try and technique
  • Results: to be posted on the website
  • Price at stake: around 35 euros spread over the first three
  • Duration: the event ends with 5 winners, or when the duration of the event ends
  • Announcement and start date: announced a few weeks before the event
  • Games concerned: all and rotate according to releases and seasons

Hardcore challenge # 1

For the first challenge we will go to Streets of Rage IV, the DLC! You will need to complete the mania + mode. I personally can't wait to play it again and challenge this mode! You will have all the information in a future article!

Alchemists dm gaming

I hope you will be excited and enjoy trying these challenges with me! Obviously since it's participatory I count on you to participate ^. ^ The format is voluntarily free so that everyone can participate when they want. I hope this event can last for years to come to share our achievements, and for that again I just need you to be there! Do not hesitate to share your opinions in the comments !!

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By Alchemists, July 2021

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