My finals build, for me the best PvP build!
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Build PvP Templar Vindicator, the best and most powerful build PvP TV or VT Diablo 2 Resurrected
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  • Intro (00:00)
  • The goal of Dm Gaming: (00:15)
  • I like the content but I have neither the time nor the money: (01:35)
  • I like the content and I have some time: (03:18)
  • J'like the content and I have some money: (03:57)
  • Last word: (04:48)

The goal of Dm Gaming

For those who don't know, Dm Gaming is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to helping gamers with video games. A lot of people came to help out with the site, create articles or videos, or correct them, but they all had to leave for lack of time or change of priority. Suddenly there are some concerns with the sustainability of Dm Gaming, and I am making this video in order to educate people who love the content and to avoid stopping activities and solving a problem:

  • operating costs much higher than revenues

If I wanted to make any money I would have stopped the website to focus on YouTube, but firstly that's not the point, and secondly the website brings you all the content to help you with the games. The other objective is to always offer accessible content with very few constraints, avoiding going on these systems that you must know well:

  • no: mandatory 30-second advertisement before a video
  • no: articles reserved for subscribers
  • no: unwanted advertising, pop-up, on the side of the content, etc.

So if I don't increase the advertising, there are two ways left for Dm Gaming to work:

  • more visibility, allowing to have more advertising revenue without increasing the number of ads
  • donations in Patréon or Paypal

Note that lowering the advertising budget is unfortunately not an option, given that 50 € is the bare minimum practicable. In theory, the minimum budget for this type of site would be 150 €.

Dm Gaming's monthly review

I like the content, but I have neither the time nor the money

We all have a life, priorities and it's nice to have the content directly, I obviously agree with you. But you can still very easily help Dm Gaming without taking your time or money:

  • a video like, it allows to be better referenced and suddenly better seen on Youtube, it takes about 1 second!
  • a sharing of our posts on your networks, whether on social networks, website or Youtube channel, here we are within 30 seconds
  • disable your ad blocker on the site, there are very few ads so as not to interfere with reading
  • a comment on the videos, in the same way it allows to be better referenced therefore better seen, and we stay within 30 seconds
  • follow us on the networks and Youtube, it's a click of the same! And I give you the networks just below

It may seem insignificant but these gestures take very little time and help a lot.

I like the content and I have some time

If you want to participate in the Dm Gaming project and increase its content or visibility, I am always looking for motivated volunteers! I can also train you, the only really important point is motivation and about 4 hours available per week.

  • Community manager analyst, to extend visibility
  • Guide and tutorial writer
  • Video maker
  • Website coder

I like the content and I have some money

If you have a euro in rab per month, you can support Dm Gaming on Patreon ou Youtube Premium, you will of course have superb rewards 🙂 Here is how you can financially support Dm Gaming:

  • Paypal donations
  • Patréon subscription (1, 5, 10 or 25 €) with consideration
  • Sponsoring on the website or the YouTube channel, contact me directly

So if a few people wish to donate at least € 1 per month that would be really great!

Alchemists dm gaming

Here are friends, I hope I can count on your support so that Dm Gaming can continue to exist! Do not hesitate to share in the comments if you have ideas or information, I am still interested, or of course questions!

By Alchemists, August 2021

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