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The first info of the major content update on Diablo Immortal following the questions answered
Ship of Fools, the new duo roguelite! With a steam key to win

Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by Dm Gaming

Gamer Lexicon and Hack & Slash

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Glossary and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash: find all the abbreviations you need to easily understand gaming jargon!

The first info of the major content update on Diablo Immortal following the questions answered
Ship of Fools, the new duo roguelite! With a steam key to win
Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by Dm Gaming

Video summary

Article summary

  • Equipment
  • Interactions with the world
  • Interactions with players
  • Rôles
  • Effects
  • Playing techniques
  • Statistics and characters
  • Types of games
  • Home
  • Thanks


The gear and loot section, a key part of many games

  • Drop: literally the fact that a monster drops an object, in fact, it amounts to recovering an object ("I dropped a legendary!")
  • GF: Gold Find, your additional chance to find gold
  • Item: object
  • Loot: Loot: The reason for being in life
  • MF: Magic Find, your additional chance to find magic items
  • Stuff / Gear: Equipment

Interactions with the world

This section deals with interactions with your game world:

  • Bestiary: constitutes the variety of enemies in a game
  • Craft: craft, craft an item
  • Casu / Casual: occasional player or playing little
  • Creep: the enemies of the game
  • Event: an event often of limited duration
  • Farm: repetitive activity focused on an objective (collecting items, gold, experience, etc.).
  • Grind: gain experience, gain ranking
  • Instance: a limited area in a world (for example dungeon or event)
  • Map: the world map, dungeon, etc.
  • Mobs: the enemies of the game (synonymous with creep)
  • Pex: action of gaining experience
  • NPC or NPC: Non-Player or Non-Playable Character, the characters implanted in the game who give you quests or sell / buy equipment for example
  • PVE: Player Versus Element, you face creeps and bosses
  • PVP: Player Versus Player, you face other players 
  • PVX: Player Versus X, you face players and creeps (for example a farm area with the possibility of facing players)
  • Random: Random (example: a random drop item corresponds to an item that can be dropped on any monster in the game)
  • Rush: do an action quickly, kill the boss of an instance without taking care of the monsters around for example
  • Minion: another name for creeps, especially when they have a master
  • Spawn: area where creeps or players appear 
  • Speed: do a repetitive activity as quickly as possible in order to optimize it
  • TP: Town Portal, used to return to town
  • WP: WayPoint, save point for an area allowing you to return to it at will
  • XP: Experience

Interactions with players

Below everything that will be related to interactions with other players

  • Boost: a help from another person stronger than you, a version less abused than PL
  • Gank: Ask a player for help killing someone
  • LF / LFM: Looking for Mate, a group is looking for a person
  • LFG: Looking For Group, a player is looking for a group
  • Matchmaking: find players to play with or against
  • Need: means a need (in equipment or in person)
  • Noob / Newbie: New player / Little experience
  • Owned / Pwed: literally "fucked up!"
  • Ping: indicate an element by an audio and visual signal
  • PK: Player Killer, Player Killer, the fact of killing a player with the right or not
  • PL: Power Level, when you ask someone much stronger than you to level up, kill bosses, collect items, etc.
  • WTS: Want to Sell, the person wants to sell an item
  • WTB: Want to Buy, the person wants to buy an item


Everything about your character's functions

  • Alt: alternative, a character that you play from time to time, for example only with a friend
  • Brain Dead: Brain Dead, a very simple character to play
  • CaC: character who types Corp to Corp
  • Crystal: the fact of not having any point of life or resistance, often to privilege the damage
  • DPS: Damage Per Second
  • Glass Barrel: Glass barrel, identical to Crystal
  • Healer: a person whose main role is to heal
  • Off tank: a tank that does damage at the cost of lower defense
  • Main: main, the character you play most often
  • Range: a character typing from a distance
  • Switch: switch from one character to another ("I switch my hand on my alt, I come back!")
  • Tank: character whose role is to take damage, can be used in a sentence: "tank me this pack!"


Anything that will alter your condition or that of your enemies

  • AoE: Area of ​​Effect, Zone d'Effet in French. The size of your spells or whether a spell hits a large area
  • Buff: improving one or more stats or skills of a character
  • Debuff: decreasing one or more stats or skills of a character
  • DoT: Damage over Time, damage that is done over a period of time (poisoning or burning for example). It is important to differentiate them because this damage is often calculated differently (for example no critical hit or no possible effect)
  • Status: all positive or negative effects will change your character's state and influence their mobility, damage, etc. (disease, silence, root etc.).
  • Fear: Fear, like a silence with in addition a displacement opposite to the direction of chosen
  • Overheal: Made to chain healing spells without taking into account the life bar in order to anticipate large damage
  • OS: One Shot, killing or being killed in one shot
  • Root: a target can no longer move but can still cast a spell or attack
  • Silence: a target can no longer cast a spell, but can still attack or move
  • Slow: Slowdown
  • Spike: doing a much greater damage than the rest, especially for bosses who hit on average after example at 50 and then hit 400
  • Stack: accumulate a type, like resistances or spell effects ("I have 100 frost ray stacks")
  • Stance: Posture, for example defensive or offensive posture
  • Stun: A stunned target cannot attack, cast, or move

Playing techniques

To manage your enemies more easily, it's below

  • Aggro: principle of attracting enemies to you, in a non-forced way (unlike taunt)
  • Burn / burst: send all your damage at once, or very quickly
  • Broken: Pété, a technique too powerful compared to the rest, in particular likely to be nerfed
  • Cast: cast a spell
  • Clean: clear an entire room or dungeon
  • Dash: leap in one direction
  • Gameplay: Your character's play style
  • Greed: the fact of not playing carefully, to go as fast as possible, collect as many objects as possible, kill an opponent, etc.
  • Kite: the principle of typing backwards, to hit an enemy without him touching you, or as little as possible.
  • KS: Kill Steal, you kill the creep or boss when you haven't done any damage to it before
  • Last Hit: Give a killing blow to a creep or a boss, no matter how much damage you inflicted on them. Can be useful on some games as it affects loot or completion.
  • Loot: items and gold on creeps and chests, or those you picked up ("I looted a super ax!")
  • Meta: comes from Greek (and not Most Efficient Technique Avalaible), means an effective technique, currently by abuse of language
  • Nerf: reduce the power of a spell or technique
  • OP: OverPowered, overpowered. Being stronger than what should be normal
  • Perma: permanently, for example "I am perma cc"
  • Pack: a group of creeps, useful for killing multiple enemies at the same time
  • Proc or Trigger: triggering an effect under certain conditions ("my fireball procs a meteor on a critical hit)
  • Sweater: attract a monster or player
  • Safe: playing carefully, especially to avoid dying
  • Scale: the proportion of becoming stronger as the game progresses, for example a level 1 spell which is weak and level 20 very strong ("This spell scales super well!")
  • Slacker: Bathing in AoE damage from enemies, in general not recommended!
  • Spam, spamming, spamming: using a capacity a large number of times, especially more than its cooldown allows
  • Split: disperse to avoid damage
  • Timer: count the time for an enemy or ally to use their ability again
  • Target: targeting an opponent 
  • Taunt: force enemies to attack you
  • Throw: lose a game or a fight that you should have won, especially because you played badly
  • Wipe: the fact that everyone is dead and you lost

Statistics and characters

Anything directly related to your character

  • Agi: agility, agility 
  • CC: the chance to perform a Critical Hit, not to be confused with Critical Hit Damage (DCC)
  • CC: Crowd Control, crowd control spells and effects (stun, slow motion, immobilized)
  • CD: CoolDown, time to recover your skills
  • CDR: CoolDown Reduction, a statistic allowing you to decrease your skill recovery time
  • Channel: channel a skill, preventing you from moving
  • Char / Character: character
  • Dex: dexterity, dexterity 
  • DPS: damage per second, the damage you do reduce over one second. For example a spell hitting 200 damage every 10 seconds will have a DPS of 20. A spell hitting 50 every two seconds will have a DPS of 25.
  • HP: Health Pool, your life
  • HPS: Heal Per Second: Heal per second: allows you to locate the average heal rate over a period
  • Intel: intelligence, intelligence
  • MP: Mana Pool, your amount of mana
  • Person: character
  • Setup: your character's equipment and skills
  • Skill: your skills as a player ("you have skill, say so!") Or as a character ("my arctic spear skill is level 15")
  • Stats: statistics or characteristics of your character
  • Str: strength, force
  • Vita: vitality, your vitality

Types of games

In full, the different games and their abbreviations:

  • Adventure: a game where you play as a character to explore a world
  • Local Co-op: you can play with several people on the same screen
  • Coop Online: you can play together remotely
  • FPS: First Person Shooting, the first person shooting games
  • HnS: Hack And Slash, the games where you improve your character with items and levels
  • RPG: Role play, often in paper version with dice
  • MOBA: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
  • Muso: with the help of an army and heroes defeat the army opposite
  • RP: Role Playing, interpreting your role in the game
  • RPG: Role Playing Game, Role-playing game, fairly wide category where you play a character
  • Rogue-like: die, don't get stronger and start over to get further
  • Snape-lite: die, get stronger, and start over to go further
  • RTS or STR: Real Time Strategy or Real Time Strategy, army management and economy games
  • Survival: a game using real conditions, such as food, temperature, etc.
  • TCG or JCC: Trading Card Game or Collectible Card Game
  • TPS: Third Person Shooting, third person shooting games


Below all that is indirectly related to the games.

  • Frieza: Freeze, your game freezes, because of the internet or your pc
  • FPS: Frames Per Second, or IPS Frame Per Second. Your number of images in one second
  • Hardware: hardware, anything that is physically possible to touch
  • Lagger: have latency, your game is slowed down because of your internet connection
  • Rammer: your game is slowed down because of your pc
  • Setup: your pc, peripheral, stream equipment, etc.
  • Software: software, anything that is impossible to physically touch 


A very big thank you to the people who helped make the guide, Arktwolk, Asuna and Michel!

Alchemists dm gaming

You should have a very solid foundation for knowing all gamer words and acronyms, with a focus on Hack & Slash! If you ever have more words, feel free to post in the comments!
PS: the search function will be of great help in finding words and acronyms!

By Alchemists, August 2021

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