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All Diablo Immortal legendary gems, their effects and usefulness depending on your class and build
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Win your HR Diablo 2 PvP Tournament: ultra equipped or rather PvE, you can earn your runes with this double amateur and tryharder tournament!

Presentation of the event

All Diablo Immortal legendary gems, their effects and usefulness depending on your class and build
Broforce, one of the best co-op games to get through a good night, in 60 seconds
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  • Tournament presentation: (00:00)
  • Preamble, a tournament for all: (00:25)
  • Funs and Try-harders Rewards: (01:21)
  • Organization: (02:11)
  • Matches and Tournaments: (02:35)
  • Agenda and key dates: (05:45)
  • Rules: (07:23)
  • Last word: (08:06)

Preamble, info about the vent

I had created a survey to find out if you were interested in this event, and you are overall very mixed. I think that one of the main reasons is that I was not clear enough about this tournament, especially on the fact that you will be able to earn runes even if you are not strong or poorly equipped ! So I decided to give the vent a chance, because I have no doubts that you will have a good time, even if you are a casual gamer.

The prizes at stake

As I indicated to you, even if you play for fun, you will be able to win prizes, via a system of two trees, I will come back to that later but here is what you can win:

  • Try-Hard Tree
    • 1st: 6 Ists
    • 2nd: 3 Ists
    • 3rd: Ist
  • Fun Tree
    • 1st: Ist
    • 2nd: Bad
    • 3rd: Um


The organization will be done directly on the Discord Dm Gaming, allowing you to easily find opponents and answer your questions, here are the different channels:

  • #information: tournament information and updated results
  • # registrations: to participate in the tournament
  • # recherche-advesaire: to organize your duels with your opponents
  • # results: to post the results of your matches

The tournament itself

Here is the tournament format:

  • Step 1 Pools: you will be in a pool with 3 other players at random, which you will each face in turn according to your respective availability. The first to score 3 winning points, i.e. a maximum of 5 matches
  • Step 2 Split Fun and Try-Hard Tree: the two best from each hen will go to the Try-Hard tree, the two worst ones to the Fun tree. It is therefore impossible to subscribe to a tree, it will be done automatically.
  • Stage 3 Tree Matches: you play the matches against the tree players, until the final
  • Stage 4 Final and small final: the first faces the second, the third and fourth compete for third place in 4 winning points, maximum 7 matches


Here are the key dates for the event:

  • today - Sunday 21/11: registrations
  • Monday 22/11 - Sunday 28/11: group matches
  • Monday 29/11 - Thursday 02/12: fun and try-hard tree matches
  • Friday 03/12: final and small fun and try-hard tree finale, in the evening around 21 p.m.
    • the schedule will vary according to the availability of the players

Consolation prize

If you took part in the tournament but didn't win anything, thanks to DeepSyck'o you will be drawn to win a consolation prize, the list is available directly on the graph!

Summary and results

Below is all the information about the tournament!


The rules are obligatory to respect, in case of non respect you will lose the match. These rules will be updated until November 22, so be sure to check them out:

  • all results must be posted by the gagnant on the dm-gaming discord
  • no bug, exploit or abuse allowed, the same for desynchronizations
  • you can change characters only after being killed, not after winning
  • no mercenary allowed, you will have to get him killed before
  • no life potions, mana potions allowed, forbidden to take wells or shrines
  • the parties are in Hell
  • you are free to improve or modify your characters throughout the event, however once a match has been started with a player you must end it. It is therefore forbidden to leave the match to resume it later.
  • the map is the exit of the rogues camp, it must be emptied of its creeps before starting, it is forbidden to hide, run so as to never fight, to leave the map, to enter the city, to make a portal to the city or hide in the house
  • before the fight, each player must say "g" to indicate that he is ready to fight
  • it is forbidden to use a token during a match or destructible ethereal objects (for example an ethereal shako without Zod taken only for the tournament
  • you don't have to show your equipment, unless a tournament admin asks you to
  • it is forbidden to change battlenet account during a duel, however you can change from one duel to another
  • a single item of element absorption
  • no mana potion allowed if you play energy shield (ES)

Alchemists dm gaming

A fun event, very flexible with free participation of course, and where everyone has their chance to win one of the 12 Ists runes in play! If you like it, there will be more tournaments on Diablo 2 Resurrected!
I'm counting on you to register, and above all I hope you have a good time!

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By Alchemists, November 2021

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