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The Slormancer, Kaiiku and Gatewalkers May 2021

The Slormancer, Kaiiku and Gatewalkers

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The Slormancer, an early access game worth checking out, a future action rpg Gatewalkers in beta and a newcomer to Dm Gaming!


  • Intro: (00:00 )
  • The Slormancer, a great hack & slash action: (00:10 )
  • Gatewalkers, a new rpg action: (00:44 )
  • Kaiiku joins Dm Gaming: (01:21 )
  • Last word: (02:02 )

The Slormancer, a French hack & slash action

If you're ever looking for a really good early access hack and slash, take a look at The Slormancer ! It's ultra comprehensive and deep, and even for Early Access will keep you occupied for a bunch of hours! It's a very big crush for me, and in addition it is developed by Slormite Studio, an independent studio of two French people!

Do not hesitate to add it to your wishlist on Steam, it allows you to help developers for free 🙂

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Gatewalkers, a future rpg action in open beta

Not very well known to the community, Gatewalkers offers you to travel through different worlds to save your own. The cool thing is that it will be in open beta starting Monday, May 3, and yes, tomorrow!

So don't hesitate to test it, in any case I will start the first tests & tutorials on this game next week!

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Kaiiku joins the Dm Gaming team as a writer!

If you are on the Dm Gaming discord, you may have seen or spoken with Kaiiku. He is a Youtuber who offers quality content and who will soon join Dm Gaming to offer you his articles and videos. The articles will therefore be published on the site and the videos on its channel! We still need a little time to settle in, but you should be able to have his articles as early as next week! In the meantime, feel free to go subscribe to your Youtube channel and find out!

If you are also interested in joining us and developing gaming, do not hesitate to contact me, I am looking for motivated people!

A little personal word about this month

As usual a word to end these news (and thank you to those who have read so far: ')), another busy month, you should also have noted that the Twitch stream has not been running for a while, but unfortunately I don't have time to manage the site, the YouTube channel and moreover stream. It's not an easy decision because I love the stream, but at the moment there is still too much work on the website! This situation is of course not final!

Lots of kisses ! ^ _ ^

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