My finals build, for me the best PvP build!
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Smart research and nuggets by Dm Gaming

Smart search and nuggets

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Smart search and nuggets: this August welcomes two new features to help you in your games!

Crypt and Mausoleum 50 x 2 runs 500 MF Diablo 2 Resurrected
Build PvP Templar Vindicator, the best and most powerful build PvP TV or VT Diablo 2 Resurrected
Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by Dm Gaming


Smart search

I've always wanted Dm Gaming users to be able to easily find the content they are interested in and in this case the games they like to play. It was (really!) Not easy to find a suitable solution and then develop it, but you will now have access to the Dm Gaming search utility. You just have to fill in the game criteria that are important to you, and the algorithm will do the rest! This database will of course be updated when adding games, allowing you to always find the games that interest you! You will find it at this address:

Dm Gaming Game FinderThe search tool by criteria

Dm Gaming Nuggets

It's been a long time (yes very, at least since the creation of Dm Gaming) that I have been looking for how to organize the games that deserve to be known but which do not necessarily need a complete file. After brainstorming with Michel (who was already busy rereading the articles), I am pleased to announce the Pépites Dm Gaming. You can therefore find all the games that are not in "folder" format in the tab of the "Nuggets" sub-menu. Each time you will have a test and one or two associated guides, allowing you to discover the game and help you play it! These nuggets are also in the search utility algorithm!

Dm Gaming Game FinderScroller nuggets

You will of course find all our nuggets here:

Alchemists dm gaming

I hope that these additions will allow you to discover even more games and according to your tastes! If you ever have any feedback, please let me know!

By Alchemists, August 2021

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