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Blacken Slash, the new indie roguelite tactical action rpg is coming July 2022!
60 Narmari Hell 2 Diablo Immortal dungeons, legendary drops, sets, sellable gems and caps

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Hack and Slash 2021

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HACK AND SLASH 2021: find all the information on the next hack & slash of 2021! Path of exile 2, Last Epoch and many more!

  • The "big expectations of 2021": the games that should be nabbed on day one!
  • The "I keep close to the elbow, you never know": those which are often updated.
  • The "good, 2021 is not their year yet ...": a parenthesis on the games that will be available ... even later!

Blacken Slash, the new indie roguelite tactical action rpg is coming July 2022!
60 Narmari Hell 2 Diablo Immortal dungeons, legendary drops, sets, sellable gems and caps
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  • Intro: (00:00)
  • Big expectations of 2021 - Last Epoch: (00:15)
  • Highlights of 2021 - Path of exile 2: (00:50)
  • Keep an eye on it - Path of exile: (01:35)
  • Keep an eye on - Chronicon: (02:05)
  • Keep an eye on it - Wolcen: (02:45)
  • Well, 2021 is not their year yet - Diablo 4: (03:32)
  • Last word: (04:00)

Big expectations for 2021

Last epoch is a hack and slash role-playing game developed by the American studio Eleventh Hour Games. After several postponements, the game should find a release date in 2021. From the first part of the year, it should be possible to play in multiplayer, which should help to make us wait for the final release! Last Epoch is a game requiring good mechanics with a minimalist design that will delight fans of the early Diablo.

You will find a complete file on Last Epoch, containing:

  • Beginner and craft guides
  • Four builds to ride on the endgame


To come up !

The least we can say is that Path of Exile 2 hasn't been talked about much since his announcement at ExileCon. Still, a beta at the end of 2021 remains very likely, and knowing the Grinding Gear Games team, it will potentially be open to everyone! It will also be very interesting to see how they will integrate the additions of Path of Exile 2 with Path of Exile 1, as they plan to allow players of both games to play together. Case to follow at the end of the year!

We will of course be monitoring Path of Exile 2 to offer you builds, guides and tests, and that from the beta!

To keep an eye on it!

Over the years, Path of Exile remains one of the most played Hack & Slash. Constantly updated, improved and refined, its league system always promises new things to players hungry for loot and blood! A first update will take place at the beginning of the year, indicating a change in the end of the game. So it will be interesting to see what Grinding Gear Games has in store for us and the merger with Path of Exile 2!

We will be doing the next POE season, but in the meantime you can already find:

  • guides to get started and manage the Atlas
  • endgame builds
  • tips

Chronicon is a reference in terms of pixel hack & slash. It offers ultra deep gameplay with an ultra developed build possibility. Its late game is also exciting with a flaw system. The publisher has promised plenty of updates this year, including a new class and endgame content! The game is also moderately priced on steam and is even playable for 4 people in local co-op!

We offer on the Dm Gaming site:

  • builds for the mythic 15
  • crafting and beginner guides
  • tips

wolcen logo


four star dm gaming

One thing is certain is that Wolcen is not unanimous, despite a dynamic gameplay and a top visual, the presence of bugs and endgame content disappoint a lot of people. Despite the first bloodtrail expansion, it was only too mixed to convince players. After a complicated 2020, it would now take a near miracle to make it attractive. So I will be monitoring updates closely and keeping you in the loop!

You will find our complete file on Wolcen:

  • Buidls for expe 187
  • Complete guides for beginners, endgame and craft
  • Patches, tips and analysis!

Well, 2021 is not their year yet ...


To come up !

Impossible for me to tell you about Hack & Slash 2021 without talking about Diablo 4. You won't necessarily like it, but I'm counting on a 2023 beta for a 2024 game release ... At least it has been said, but I will of course follow the news to keep you informed! Remember to register for the diablo 4 beta if this tempts you!

No tutorials yet, the game has not yet been released, but there will be builds, guides and tips in our future complete file!

Alchemists dm gaming

A promising year 2021 for quality Hack & Slash! Enough to take care of loot, farm and bash of the creep, while waiting for the potential juggernaut Diablo 4!

By Alchemists, December 2020

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Thanks for this video
I have ms last epoch in my steam list 🙂
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