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Blacken Slash, the new indie roguelite tactical action rpg is coming July 2022!
60 Narmari Hell 2 Diablo Immortal dungeons, legendary drops, sets, sellable gems and caps

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WebTV is coming to Dm Gaming!

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Come and have a good time on the Twitch Streams of WebTV Dm Gaming! Good humor, hard try and events!

Blacken Slash, the new indie roguelite tactical action rpg is coming July 2022!
60 Narmari Hell 2 Diablo Immortal dungeons, legendary drops, sets, sellable gems and caps
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  • The WebTV Dm Gaming arrives: (00:00)
  • The content and format of the WebTV: (00:16)
  • How to become a Dm Gaming streamer: (00:55)
  • Faustrael the super graphic designer Dm Gaming: (01:06)
  • The sub and prime unlock premium access: (01:35)
  • Last word: (02:06)

WebTV Dm Gaming, the big comeback

If you've been following Dm Gaming since its inception, the Twitch channel back then had a lot of streamers, both on Heroes of the Storm and in Discovery Games. At the end of e-sport on Heroes of the Storm, I wanted to transform Dm Gaming into what you currently know, that is to say a site and a YouTube channel of multi-gaming tests and tutorials and I do not I no longer had time to take care of this WebTV that I had decided to close. I have always missed live personally, but it was impossible to live in addition to taking care of the site and the YT channel. At the end of the year, I took advantage of the Diablo 2 Resurrected events to take the temperature and see if you were interested in lives, where you responded extremely present!

The goal is therefore to offer you an active Twitch channel, with streamers in the same style as my lives, good humor, hard try and passion!

The content and format offered

There will be three streamers to start this WEBTV:

  • For my part, I will stay on quite disparate streams in terms of niche, I will mainly offer you events, whether it is tournament, season rush, etc. I will also try to give you game discovery streams if you feel like it!
  • Kyô, whom you know as an admin will also become a Dm Gaming streamer, he has a great experience of the stream and you will surely have a good time during his lives!
  • Benoit, if you are on the discord you know it! He animates a lot of split rushes and he is also one of the treasurers of Mutual Aid

The format for the moment remains free, that is to say that there will be no planning. So remember to follow the chain Twitch, by clicking on the heart and the bell to have live notifications! This will change depending on the number of streamers. In terms of games, these are the usual ones covered on Dm Gaming, as well as discovery streams!

How to become a Dm Gaming Streamer

If you are interested in the project, you can contact me directly! There are of course some conditions to respect, but you will also have a large number of rewards! If everything is ok there will be a two week trial period. I do not say more, do not hesitate to mp if necessary!

Faustrael the super graphic designer

Faustrael reinforces the Dm Gaming team, as a graphic designer. All the animations are made by him and this is undoubtedly one of the reasons that allowed WebTV to be topical again! A huge thank you for their work and all you have to do is use them!

Lots of good reason to be Sub or Prime Twitch

In addition to all the perks of being Sub or Prime on the channel (emoticon, badge and more Twitch ads), you'll have free access to premium on the entire site and discord! If you are in this case, a mp and I put you the role!

Do you like the Dm Gaming site and the quality of its content? Navigate ad-free and access all our guides, while supporting the costs of the server for €1 per month with the Premium Account !

Alchemists dm gaming

I hope that you will be many on the lives, and above all that you will have a good time with us! The lives will start after the new year, so I'll see you very soon!

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By Alchemists, December 2021

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