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Hammerwatch Class Guides

Class Guide

HammerWatch Dm Gaming

Hammerwatch classes: find the Paladin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Thief, Warlock and Wizard classes to choose the best!

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The Paladin is a tough melee class, capable of both DPS and Tank. He can also block with his shield. It is suddenly very versatile and practical!

His active spells are as follows:

  • Charge: allows you to rush a direction, whether to attack, retreat or move
  • Heal: channel to heal yourself and your allies
  • Holy Sword: Rotate your sword around you to deal damage to enemies

For liabilities:

  • Divine Wrath: Chance to stun enemies
  • Arched Sword: Attacks now have an angle
  • Shield: gives an angle to the block

Paladin hammerwatch


The wizard is the class with the most DPS and the least survival, it is neither ranged nor melee, but has a medium range. It will therefore be quite hard to manage with its low range and meager resistance. On the other hand very effective with a tank!

His active spells are as follows:

  • Fireball: Launch a fireball at your enemies
  • Breath of Flame: Throws flames in front of you, while standing still
  • Fire Nova: AoE of flames around it, which burns your enemies
  • Meteor: stand still to throw three meteors

For liabilities:

  • Ice Shield: Halve damage and slow attackers
  • Combustion: All fire attacks burn enemies

Wizzard hammerwatch


Ranger is the class with the longest range and uses arrows. It has medium resistance and is fairly easy to master. This results in the perfect class to start this rather difficult game!

His active spells are as follows:

  • Arrow: as the name suggests, shoot an arrow
  • Bomb: Throws a bomb that does damage in AoE
  • Proliferation: root enemies
  • Whirlpool: turns on itself to send arrows

For liabilities:

  • Dodge: gives a chance to dodge attacks
  • Shooter: Chance to deal double damage

Ranger hammerwatch


The warlock is another class of melee, using lightning and poison spells. It is not very resistant but steals life, be careful it is quite hard to master.

His active spells are as follows:

  • Lightning Strike: Throws an orb that explodes on contact
  • Life Steal Nova: AoE poison damage and life steal
  • Electric Storm: Large AoE and Lightning Damage

For liabilities:

  • Poison Dagger: Melee attacks apply poison and creeps die exploding
  • Blood Sacrifice: Chance to gain HP when you kill a creep
  • Soul Sacrifice: Chance to gain mana when you kill a creep

Warlock hammerwatch


The thief is equipped with two daggers and slaps 180 degrees. It is also possible to parry projectiles with its basic attack. Be careful, it attacks slow motion, unlike other classes. It is also quite hard to master!

His active spells are as follows:

  • Rain of Knives: Throws Knives in front of you
  • Grapple: Throws a grapple and shoots you at what you hit
  • Smoke Bomb: Throws a bomb that stuns enemies

For liabilities:

  • Theft: Chance to earn gold by killing a creep
  • Zeal: Attack speed stacks by killing creeps
  • Speed ​​Penalty: Reduces the speed penalty when attacking

Thief hammerwatch


The Priest is Hammerwatch's quintessential support class, but also largely viable solo. Like the Thief, it is also slowed down when attacking with the smite. It combines powerful damage and healing and is quite hard to master, but remains one of the best classes in the game.

His active spells are as follows:

  • Smite: close range slap on an enemy
  • Beam: Launches a beam dealing damage and healing
  • Draining Arena: Steals life from enemies in the area
  • Slowing Aura: Slows down and decreases damage from enemies

For liabilities:

  • Speed ​​penality: reduce the speed penalty when casting smite
  • Magic Shield: takes some damage on mana
  • Health Regeneration: Heals the Priest over time

Priest hammerwatch


The sorcerer has ice spells, a great range and a lot of dps. It's a great class to start with if you pay attention to its survival!

His active spells are as follows:

  • Ice Shard: Launches a Shard at enemies
  • Comet: drops a comet in AoE
  • Ice Shard Nova: Ice Shards Around You
  • Ice Orb: Large AoE clearing the area

For liabilities:

  • Freshness: slow down enemies
  • Ice Shield: Reduces damage taken and slows enemies

Sorcerer hammerwatch

Alchemists dm gaming

Here is what makes it easier to choose your class! Whether you have a taste for security (paladin), DPS (sorcerer, warlock, wizard), a lot of reflex (thief), not want to die and help your comrades (priest) or you prefer to play quietly (ranger ), Hammerwatch will always have a class that suits you!

By Alchemists, February 2021

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