My finals build, for me the best PvP build!
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all broforce characters

The test

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Broforce: find the complete list of characters to unlock! You will also know from which universe they come, some are not obvious!

all broforce characters

Crypt and Mausoleum 50 x 2 runs 500 MF Diablo 2 Resurrected
Build PvP Templar Vindicator, the best and most powerful build PvP TV or VT Diablo 2 Resurrected
Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by Dm Gaming

Here is the list of available characters!

Rambro John Rambo from Rambo
Brommando John Matrix from Commando 1 (+1) rescue
BA Broracus BA Baracus from The A-Team series 3 (+2) rescue
Brodell Walker Cordell Walker from Walker, Texas Ranger 5 (+2) rescue
Bro Hard John McClane from Die Hard 8 (+3) rescue
MacBrover MacGyver's Angus MacGyver 11 (+3) rescue
Brade Blade from by Blade 15 (+4) rescue
Bro Dredd Judge Joe Dredd from Judge Dredd 20 (+5) rescue
Bro In Black James Edwards / Agent J of Men in Black 25 (+5) rescue
Snake Broskin Snake Plissken from New York / LA Escape 445 (+20) rescue
Brominator The Terminator from Terminator 37 (+6) rescue
Brobocop RoboCop by Robocop 46 (+9) rescue
Indiana Brones Indiana Jones from Indiana Jones 56 (+10) rescue
Ash brolliams Ash Williams from Evil Dead 65 (+9) rescue
Mr. Anderbro Matrix Neo 75 (+10) rescue
The Boondock Bros C, M MacManus of Boondock Saints 87 (+12) rescue
Brochette Machete Cortez de Machete 99 (+12) rescue
Bronan the Brobarian Conan from Conan the barbarian 115 (+16) rescue
Ellen ripbro Ellen Ripley from Alien 132 (+17) rescue
Time Bro Max Walker from Timecop 160 (+15) rescue
Broniversal Soldier Luc Deveraux / GR44 from Universal Soldier 175 (+15) rescue
Colonel James Broddock James Braddock of Missing in Action 193 (+18) rescue
Cherry Broling Cherry Darling from Planet Terror 222 (+29) rescue
Bro Max Max Rockatansky from Mad Max 249 (+27) rescue
The Brode Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill 274 (+25) rescue
Double Bro Seven James Bond / 007 by James Bond 300 (+26) rescue
The Brodator Predator Predator 326 (+26) rescue
The Brocketeer Rocketeer's Cliff Secord / Rocketeer 145 (+13) rescue
Broheart William Wallace of Braveheart 350 (+24) rescue
The Brofessional Leone "Léon" Montana from The Professional 374 (+24) rescue
Broden Lord Raiden from Mortal Kombat 400 (+26) rescue
The Brolander Connor MacLeod of Highlander 425 (+25) rescue
Dirty Brory Harold Francis Callahan from Dirty Harry 431 (+6) rescue
Tank Bro Tank Girl from Tank Girl 465 (+20) rescue
Bro Lee Lee from by Bruce Lee 485 (+20) rescue


Broney Ross Barney Ross The Expendables 3 Default
Lee broxmas Lee Christmas Expendables 3 1 (+1) rescue
Bronnar Jensen Gunnar Jensen The Expendables 3 4 (+3) rescue
Bro Caesar Hale Caesar The Expendables 3 7 (+3) rescue
Broctor Death Doctor Death Expendables 3 12 (+5) rescue
Toll broad Toll Road Expendables 3 17 (+5) rescue
Trent Broser Mauser Expendables 3 Trench Coat 25 (+8) rescue
Alchemists dm gaming

Lots of super nice characters to play, more or less balanced but 100% fun!

By Alchemists, July 2020

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