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Mayhem Brawler Complete Game Guide

Complete guide

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Mayhem Brawler: endings, states, items, crowd and boss management, Trouble, Dolphin, Star techniques, combos, lives, etc!

Mayhem Brawler Complete Game Guide

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Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by Dm Gaming


  • Reports of
  • Objects
  • Crowd management
  • Manage bosses
  • Combos and lives
  • Trouble Techniques
  • Dolphin Techniques
  • Star Techniques
  • Choices and purposes

The states

New compared to other scrollers, it's a whole state panel to understand:

  • Anti-cheat: if you make attacks without doing a combo, typically hit - pause - hit - pause etc.
  • Bleeding: takes more damage and falls more easily
  • Confusion: takes longer to get up, cannot charge, and prevents the enemy from attacking by getting up (retaliation)
  • Vulnerability: decreases resistance to basic attacks
  • Healing: restores health and removes bleeding, but you can then apply bleeding again
  • Invincibility: immune to attacks except special
  • Retaliation: attack while standing up, counter this attack by retreating or with a special attack
    • used only by bosses, zombies, vampires and arcanists
  • Energy: restores power, especially when you consume a blue dish
  • Preparation time: charge a special attack, counter this attack by jumping, blocking or with a special attack
  • Too heavy: impossible to lift an object, even if I have not encountered this item!


Items are very important in Mayhem Brawler, and you will need to master them quickly. To know :

  • healing items have a yellow halo, after everyone's healing very quickly, as it can range from low healing to full healing
  • special hit items have a blue halo, to be taken only when your bar is at least a third empty
  • attack objects, there are a lot of them on the ground but these have a very short lifespan, only a few hits. Don't overlook their damage, especially on bosses, but watch out for guns that limit your melee abilities and can cause enemies to hit you.

Crowd management

Here's how to handle the crowd well, so you don't get overwhelmed:

  1. priority kill enemies that attack from a distance
  2. never leave an enemy behind, attack or flee
  3. use the running attack to knock enemies down and avoid the first two cases
  4. use jump attacks to prevent special attacks
  5. use special attacks and holds to be invulnerable for this duration
  6. taking damage increases your combo bar considerably, making it slightly increase

Manage bosses

Key element of your victory condition, easily kill bosses, here are some tips:

  • get to the boss with your special move bar full
  • keep all your special moves, only use them when the boss makes a special attack
  • kill the creeps first, they appear every third

Combos and lives

Combos are the key to the success of the game, basic because it means that you haven't taken any damage, but also because the points gained are considerable. You should therefore always try to do as many combos as possible without getting hit, with a few tips:

  • picking up an item continues the combo
  • hitting a barrel increases the combo
  • the more enemies there are the more your combos will be increased
  • you can't hit enemies on the ground, go over another creep
  • once you have reached 80 combos (purple), remember to stay without typing to validate the combo and avoid losing it

The lives gained depend on the mode:

  • campaign mode: every 6 points
  • arcade mode: every 25 points

It will therefore be more than crucial to manage the combos when you attack the arcade mode.

Trouble Techniques

To play Trouble, here are some techniques I found:

  • you apply bleed with your running attack or directional special move
  • the running and jumping attack is useless, except for jumping over projectiles
  • the special attack on either presents very little interest, I advise against it
  • the special direction attack allows you to do a lot of combo, especially if several creeps are present, to be done permanently

Dolphin Techniques

To play Dolphin, here are some techniques I found:

  • this is the only character that can jump with an enemy in grip, extending the duration of invincibility
  • the damage is enormous but be careful, this limits the combos

Star Techniques

For Star I unfortunately did not find techniques specific to this character, do not hesitate to share them in the comments!

Choices and purposes

To spice up the scrollers that are sometimes too linear, you will have the choice of the progression of the story, leading to 3 possible endings. The first two endings are pretty straightforward to have, but I personally had a hard time finding the third one, so I'm giving you the solution for this one!

  • Choice 1: guitar boss
  • Choice 2: with the yellow glass tubes in the picture
  • Choice 3: the mages
  • Choice 4: with the rats in the picture
  • Choice 5: the mages
  • You will be able to face the boss of the police

Alchemists dm gaming

With this guide you will have all the keys to properly manage Mayhem Brawler, no matter the mode or the difficulty! All you have to do is practice the characters and enemies well to finish the game without worry!

By Alchemists, August 2021

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