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Hors Categorie nuggets, the games to know but which do not fall into the roguelite or hack and slash category!


Céleste, a platformer as smart as it is difficult! A game in 60 seconds 6 Celeste 60 SECS #6 05/02/2022 Adventure The sublime and demanding platform game!
The best video game! UJESS #14 Divinity Original Sin 2 Divinity Original Sin 60 SECS #15 09/04/2022 rPG, Round by round Simply the best game!
Gatewalkers 2021 survival action rpg test 05/05/2021 Test A clever mix of RPG and survival
Nocturnal, the sublime scroller in the vein of Prince of Persia Nocturnal 60 SECS #49 08/03/2023 scroller Nocturnal, the new Prince of Persia!
Hack & Slash, RPG and Exploration - Ortharion Project UJESS # 2) Ortharion Project 60 SECS #2 08/01/2022 Exploration, HnS, rPG Hack and Slash and explore in this RPG!
OutLast Wtf Moment Dm Gaming Duo outlast, best horror moments 28/02/2021 Alch, Asuna, Wtf Do not click if you are sensitive!
the dark side of the moon dm gaming Super Mario Odissey Hidden Mission 500 Moons 13/01/2020 Secret The hardest hidden mission in the game!
Terra Ventura, the classic oldschool action rpg and indie hack and slash Terra Ventura 60 SECS #28 17/07/2022 Classic, rPG The Old School RPG with modern handling
Wigmund, the demanding oldschool rpg! UJESS 10 Wigmund, Rpg Oldschool UJESS #10 26/02/2022 Old School, rPG An old school RPG about your hero's story!


all broforce characters Broforce: list of characters to unlock 19/07/2020 Characters, Third Party List All characters, bros, from Broforce!
Broforce, one of the best co-op games to get through a good night, in 60 seconds Broforce 60 SECS #30 31/07/2022 beat em up, scroller One of the best games to play with others!
Jitsu Squad, the new beat em up in 60 seconds Jitsu Squad 60 SECS #14 29/03/2022 beat em up A delirious Beat Em Up, arcade and cartoon!
Mayhem Brawler celebrates its first anniversary, check out this Beat Em Up in 60 secs Mayhem Brawler 60 SECS #32 18/08/2022 beat em up The mix of Beat Em Up and history comics!
Mayhem Brawler Complete Game Guide Mayhem Brawler complete guide 26/08/2021 Full Everything you need to know about the game!
Brawl Mayhem, 2021 beat'em all test Mayhem Brawler, the test 19/08/2021 scroller, Test Mayhem Brawler Test, the beat'em up scroller!


Multiversus, the new Super Smash Bros? Find out in 60 seconds MultiVersus 60 SECS #31 08/08/2022 Arena, Fighting, F2P The competitor to Super Smash Bros!
Pummel Party, the contestant Mario UJESS #12 Pummel Party 60 SECS #12 12/03/2022 Party Game The Mario Party competitor on PC!
Stick Fight, Fight between friends UJESS #13 Stick Fight 60 SECS #13 19/03/2022 Walking stick How to solve a problem between friends!


Assault Android Cactus, the ultra fun co-op arcade shooter UJESS #11 Assault Android Cactus 60 SECS #11 05/03/2022 Arcade, Coop, Fun, Shooter A great co-op arcade twin stick shooter!
Souldead, the new Doom Like! Kills, metal and gore for this action FPS! Souldead 60 SECS #35 05/10/2022 Shooter Doom-like indie with modern conveniences
Temp Zero, the new French roguelike! UJESS 21 Temp Zero 60 SECS #21 26/04/2022 roguelike The roguelike where you fight to the beat!
The Ascent, the single-player or co-op cyberpunk action RPG shooter! #26 The Ascent 60 SECS #26 29/05/2022 rPG, Shooter Action RPG twin stick shooter for up to 4 players!
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, the wacky action rpg shooter UJESS #20 Tiny Tina's Wonderlands 60 SECS #20 24/04/2022 FPS, rPG Shoot, cast spells and collect loot!
Voodolls, the Orc Must Die indie tower defense Voodolls 60 SECS #41 26/01/2023 Orc-like tower defense Must Die!
horde wave 25 and over World War Z Horde Hard Wave 25+ 18/07/2020 End game, Instance How to make 25 waves in hard mode!
World War Z Test Dm Gaming World War Z, the test 03/06/2020 Coop, Test, GST The team-based third-person shooter!


Blacken Slash, the new indie roguelite tactical action rpg is coming July 2022! Blacken Slash 60 SECS #27 25/06/2022 Roguelite, rPG, Tactical Futuristic neon design tactical shooter
Dune Spice Wars is an RTS-4X, produced by Bordeaux based Shiro Games (Northgard), released on Steam in early access on April 26, 2022. Dune Spice Wars 60 SECS #22 04/05/2022 4X, RTS The RTS 4X where spice reigns supreme!
Lumencraft, the survival, exploration, base building and shooter game Lumencraft 60 SECS #46 01/03/2023 Dig and build to stay alive!
Terraforming Mars UJESS #24, the pc board game Terraforming Mars 60 SECS #24 15/05/2022 Board game The video edition of the board game!