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Elder Path of Exile Dm Gaming 3.13 Guide

Elder Guide

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Elder POE 3.13: how to easily kill this boss and save the shaper to get a watcher's eye! Our complete guide!


  • Intro: (00:00 )
  • Pre-Elder: (00:16 )
  • Phase 1, Elder only: (01:36 )
  • Phase 2, protect the shaper (02:40 )
  • Phase 2, finish him: (02:56 )
  • Last word: (03:40 )


For the pantheon, the soul of the Brine King is interesting because it avoids two freeze in a row and reduces the effectiveness of the chill on you. You can however stay on Solaris if it is the one of your build.

The Elder is influenced by the level of the Atlas, if you are not used to it I advise you to remove all the gems from the Atlas to have it level 0. Be careful to have good dps because the Maven will have fun healing the Elder if she is present.

To access and face the Absence of Value and Meaning Realm, you will need to have four shards on its guardians:

  • Fragment of Purification - the Purifier
  • Fragment of Constriction - the Constrictor
  • Fragment of Enslavement - The Enslavor
  • Fragment of Eradication - The Eradicator

Once in the instance, be careful not to talk, the fight will start straight away!

The boss phases will be linked like this:

  1. Phase 1, elder alone
  2. Phase 2, save the shaper
  3. Phase 3, finish him

Phase 1, Elder only

Here are the different Elder attacks and how to deal with them:

  • Ice shard: fairly high damage, you can tank one, or even two, try to dodge them.
  • Black AOE: the elder spins around and sends several black stars around it. Pretty easy to avoid, just get out of reach. Attention sometimes the activation of this skill is not super showy.
  • Sweep: attack in an arc of a circle, easily spotted by the white mark veiled on the ground. To avoid !
  • Explosion: this one is a little more technical, the Elder charges his attack for a few seconds. It is easily visible because it takes about the entire map. Wait until the last moment to get inside the circle, to avoid his other attacks. During the explosion, you absolutely have to be in the middle or else RIP!
  • Tentacle: The Elder pops tentacles, get out of range to simply dodge them.
  • AOE ground: watch out for black marks on the ground, the damage is massive and the design of this skill makes it quite difficult to see!

Phase 2, protect the shaper

This phase is going to be the most crucial of the boss. The Shaper will appear to activate 4 stones in turn. With each stone, you will have portals that appear and that will pop creeps. The more you advance in activating stones, the more creeps you will have. The creeps hit you as well as the Shaper, and it will be necessary at all costs to prevent him from dying or you will never have the watcher eye jewel. Note that the damage of creeps is considerable on the shaper, so be very careful of it! Here are some tips for managing this phase:

  • the use of totems: very practical, they will occupy some portals while you manage the others. In addition to tanking the shots for the Shaper, they will clean the area
  • jump in attacks: the attacks of the creeps are very visible, so you can easily run in them to protect the shaper
  • prioritize the fast clear: if you have options to customize your build, for example a greater multiple projectile gem in order to very quickly kill the creeps

Phase 2, the warm-up

Not much in particular about this phase, we take the same ones and start over. Bring the boss up to 1/4 life to move on to the second intermediate phase and do the same as for the first.

Phase 3, finish him

In this phase, the Elder does not move any more, so you can easily target him, however watch out for his attacks as well as the many creeps that are on the map! Don't get overwhelmed, think about cleaning the portals as well as the boss.

Alchemists dm gaming

You can recover from the Elder one of the four fragments to face the Uber Elder, it will drop systematically! In any case another boss with super cool mechanics!

By Alchemists, February 2021

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