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League Starter full content 3.13 Lacerate Bleeding POE

League Starter 3.14 Lacerate Bleeding

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Starter League Lacerate: A build to complete all game content from the start, with a max prize of 200 mayhem on Path of Exile 3.13!

200 chaos full content

  • Intro: (00:00 )
  • Possibilities of the build and preamble: (00:20 )
  • Statistics and Gameplay: (01:25 )
  • Passives, Ancestry and Pantheon: (02:20 )
  • Equipment and gems: (04:50 )
  • Maven Invitation 10 with atlas 8: (11:30 )
  • Conquerors, Guardians with atlas 8: (15:04 )
  • Elder and Sirus with atlas 1: (16:25 )
  • Last word: (18:40 )

20 exa Sirus, Shaper, Elder A9


Build possibilities and preamble

This build is a league starter, that is to say that it is very powerful without specific object and will allow you to clean the content of the game as soon as a league is opened. The goal is to reach an equipment value of 200 mayhem, which will be roughly equal to Sirus' first appearance. You can of course kill him as soon as he pops.

This build therefore allows you very quickly:

  • uber lab, mapping, conquerors, guardians, sirus, maven instances: no problem
  • shaper, elder: with some deaths and the atlas level 1
  • mount your Atlas 8 and collect all Maven instances from regions

To make the continuation of the more difficult instances, Sirus atlas 8 and Maven for example, you will normally have enough resources to start improving your equipment. Namely that I tried the Sirus 8 with this build, he had 1/3 of his life left in form three. With slightly more expensive equipment it will therefore be easily dropped.

This build is also viable in Solo-Self Found (SSF), given that it does not require any particular item and that all of the stuff to obtain is very easy to have.

Statistics and gameplay

Here are the unbuffered statistics of the build:

  • 5k life
  • 25% physical resistance (50% with potions)
  • 75% elemental resistance, 40% chaos
  • 200k dp total
  • 50% critical chance, 400% critical multiply
  • 90% chance of bleeding

This build uses Lacerate damage, bleeding, and critical hits. The damage inflicted by bleeding is greater when you critically strike, hence the value of combining the two. You then have the totems which greatly boost your damage and are useful against bosses. Slayer ancestry allows you to leech and kill anything below 20%, very handy for bosses and maps!

Stats Lacerate bleeding SSF viable Path of exile 3.13Main spell Lacerate bleeding SSF viable Path of exile 3.13

Passives, Ancestors and Pantheon

Here are the passives to use, you have the POB link a little further down. Go search first:

  • the nodes of life: constitution, juggernaut, barbarism, golem blood
  • then the damage nodes: razor edge, blade master, kinetics, art of the gladiator and iron reflexe
  • then the critical and wing nodes: dismembering, blade of cunning, titanic impact, blade dancer
  • then the jewel nodes including cluster

For the ascents:

  • Brutal Fervor
  • Endless Hunger
  • Headsman
  • Bane of legends

For the pantheon:

  • Solaris: damage reduction against bosses
  • Gruthkul: damage reduction

Pantheon Lacerate bleeding SSF viable Path of exile 3.13


Below the equipment used, the modifiers are given in order of importance:

  • Exquisite two-handed sword weapon, added physical damage, attack speed, crit chance and bleeding + increase physical and bleeding mod
    • this choice because it is very inexpensive, and works better with critical hits than a mass
    • it cost me 2 chaos + 8 chaos mod
  • Gloves physical addition, attack speed, socket gem support by faster attack (gain a gem), life, resistance
    • 5 chaos
  • Belt: gain flask on critical hit, resistance and life
    • 5 chaos
  • Boots: life, resistance, move speed
    • 1 chaos and 4 chaos mode
  • Rings: diamond ring, add phys damage, critical strike multiply, resistance and life
    • 5 chaos each
  • Amulet: global critical strike chance and multiply life, added physical damage
    • 5 chaos
  • Armor: health,% of life,, resistances
    • 100 chaos is the only expensive piece of equipment, while waiting for a cheap linked 5 does the trick
  • Helmet: life, intelligence, lacerate enchantment
    • the enchantment costs nothing, the helmet was at 10 c
  • Anointment amulet: fatal blade
    • cheap and damage boost, 10 chaos

Note that Iron Reflex makes it much easier to buy items with evasion rating and armor, which are much cheaper than others.

For flasks, the idea is to take cheap combos, apart from the divine.

  • Divine with instant regen and anti-bleeding
    • 10 C
  • Silver with increased armor or evasion
    • 3 C
  • Sulfur with anti-curse
    • 3 C
  • Granite Lion's Roar
    •  5 C
  • Diamond anti-bleeding
    • 3 C

For jewels:

  • A jewel with mana leech
    • 1 chaos
  • % of max health and modifiers linked to the sword (attack speed, critical, physical damage, etc.)
    • 1 chaos each x2
  • A small cluster with blessed, life and resistance chaos
    • 5 chaos

Or the character's move: 2 + 8 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 4 + 5 + 5 + 100 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 3 + 3 + 5 + 3 +1 + 1 + 1 + 5 = 187 chaos


Below is the use of equipment with their associated gems. All these are maximum levels unless specified:

  • Setup damage 4L + 2: brutality, ancestral totem, maim, multiple totem | blood rage, summon ice golem
  • Setup support 6L: lacerate, faster attack, deadly ailments, brutality, melee phy, fortify
  • Jump and 4L support: leap | enduring cry | molten shell (10), cast when damage taken (1)
  • Setup support 4L: revenge, vulnerability, hextouch | precision
  • Setup aura 4L: War banner, enlighten, herald of purity, pride

Path of Building link

To find my equipment, passives and associated gems, you have the POB link below:



20 exa version

Note that the time to pass the atlas in A9 with my build in 200 chaos, I had amassed about twenty exa. So I was able to directly change my stuff to this improved version. Obviously, you can change as you equip, I waited in order to do the complete build 200 chaos. I advise you to invest in priority in:

  • a two-handed sword 700+ pdp, the one I have is 10 exa
  • armor 15% life 140 life, about 5 exa
  • a stygian belt aims with the potion recharge on critical hit, about 3 exa
  • boots with hp regen enchantment when hit, 1 exa

What has changed in the build:

  • I use soul vaal prevention (for dps) and enduring crying (to resist), I took off my protection to chaos
  • 6k health, 1 million dps without buff, increasing to 4-5 million buffed
  • equipment price around 20 exa
  • annointement bloodletting instead of fatal blade, gain 20k dps, thanks to Arkbloodjaw for the opti!

Here is the updated gear, gems and passives for version 20 exa:



What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- Resistant and powerful
- Really cheap
- Ultra versatile and comprehensive content
- Upgradeable for Atlas 9 and Maven activities
- Immune to reflect

- A little slow
- Attention chaos damage

Alchemists dm gaming

A very good build to start a league and quickly get your Atlas to level 8! You can then improve it to be more resistant and gain in dps, in order to fall Sirus 8 and his friend Maven! In short, perfect if you want to play a melee build!

By Alchemists, February 2021

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