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Maven Path of Exile Boss Mechanics Guide

Maven Guide

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Maven POE: find in this guide the different attacks and phases of this boss, to have less trouble killing her! Version 3.13


  • Intro: (00:00 )
  • Pre-Maven and Preamble: (00:18 )
  • Phase 1, Maven Chill: (02:13 )
  • Phase 2, Nucleus of the Maven: (02:58 )
  • Phase 2, bis bis bis: (04:08 )
  • Phase 3, Maven not happy: (06:35 )
  • Last word: (08:45 )

Pre-Maven and Preamble

Maven is an ultra complicated boss to fall, you will need a lot of dps and sustain. It is also affected by Atlas's level, so I highly recommend that you set it to the lowest level. The card allowing access to it “The Maven's Writ” is made up of 10 Crescent splinters, which you can drop during its invitations. Be careful, these maps are expensive, 1,4 exa currently and it will therefore be quite profitable to sell them rather than make them, especially if you are not very good stuff to be able to kill it.

If you ever decide to try the experience anyway, this guide will give you some keys to better manage it. Note that Comrade Zard allowed me to kill the boss so that you can have the gameplay video!

An important point, if you are not heading for chaos, be careful! It summons bosses doing this type of damage (see below) and they can easily one shot you. In this case, I advise you to adapt your equipment, for example by taking a Death Rush, which is very inexpensive or possibly the Presence of Chayula amulet. For the rest of the boss, you don't need to be heading for chaos.

A second important point is that you will have to die at least once, or be super tanky or super fast, I will describe this step in the guide or the video.

The boss phases will be linked in this way:

  1. Phase 1: Maven Chill, change to a quarter of life
  2. Phase 2: Nucleus of the Maven, alternate several times with Maven until his HP is 0
  3. Phase 3: Maven not happy

Phase 1, Maven Chill

After a little talk, hostilities will begin. This phase is not very complicated but you will have a lot of projectiles to avoid in order to be able to move on to the next one. Remember to prioritize dodging and typing when you can. Here are the types of Maven attacks:

  • Cascade of pain: Launches multiple projectiles in a straight line
  • Stand still: threads appear from the maven's fingers and roam the map, with the idea of ​​making you her puppet.

Note that his buddy brain will also throw projectiles at you while turning around the map:

  • Multiple projectile that covers a large AOE
  • Big and slow spherical projectile!
  • Projectiles that begin to describe circles around the map

Once at a quarter of life, it will move on to its next phase

Maven phase 1, not so hardIn the end, Maven is not that hard! Oh wait ...

Phase 2, Nucleus of the Maven

Now it's the brain's turn to hit you, or you to hit it, depending on how your Maven is doing: ') It starts the phase with an explosion covering almost the entire Space Align map, you must get out of the area to avoid death. This zone is the pallet which rotates around the initial circle which will then be frozen and is easily spotted.

Safe Zone Maven boss guideSpace Align safe zone

After this attack, he will summon bosses with Behold, my collection (be careful if you are not heading for chaos!) And make a laser cutting the card in half and rotating. This one is easy to dodge and I advise against touching it! Once injured enough, the Maven replaces him and sends his Memory Game.

The memory game is a sequence of several zones to activate, even if the first remains quite simple, the second will be much more difficult. She will first show you the areas to look for, they will light up purple, then when that stops, you in turn will have to walk on the places she showed you beforehand. If you walk on a good area, it will activate in green, if not in red… and there… RIP! So you will have to learn and follow the zones the right way!

The green zone of the Maven memory gameGood memory game area, more than a few ...

Once you have passed the first memory game, you will have to hit the Maven again, which, below a certain life threshold, will give way to the brain.

Phase 2 bis bis bis

You will have to chain boss exchanges until you manage to kill the brain. Note that La Maven will take care to heal itself each time it replaces the brain, but the brain retains its standard of living. You can therefore kill him after a few appearances. Be careful, you will have new attacks to dodge:

  • A giga laser, but which warns before coming, rather nice of them!
  • Balls of space, leaving a big dot on the ground. Be careful not to put them anywhere before your map is impractical!

Maven's Giga Brain LaserAttention I'm coming !

Maven space boulessssAreas can quickly become sluggish!

Phase 3, Maven not happy

With your brain finally dead, you'll be able to kill (or at least try!) The Maven. Obviously, she is not going to be happy and will have one more stroke. Lasers that rotate, grow and shorten. These are quite technical to dodge, due to the variability but also because of the number of other attacks to dodge!

Lasers that spin and grow shrink MavenLasers that torment, grow and shrink

You will have to type the Maven, which is not super visible, while dodging all of this (no need to type the rest of the brain in the middle, it is already dead). For the note, as much the other phases I was able to do something, as this one is ultra complicated.

To top it off, Maven will make you Memory Games, and these will be along with the rest. This is where I told you that you will automatically lose a life, unless you have a stroke of genius! You will also need to have a lot of DPS in order to avoid eating up other memory games and causing you to rip again.

Once killed, you will finally reach phase 4! No just kidding, you can enjoy the loot and the achievement 🙂 GG to you!

Alchemists dm gaming

Maven, probably the most difficult boss in Path of Exile, but still very neat in design. By learning its phases you will be able to achieve it more easily, even if you will first need something worthy of the name! A big thank you to Zard for his help with the boss, without him this guide would not have existed! (at least not right away ^^)

By Alchemists, February 2021

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