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Guide Shaper Path of Exile Dm Gaming 3.13

Shaper Guide

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Shaper POE: find in this guide all the information to easily manage the shaper, kill it and recover its loot!


  • Intro: (00:00 )
  • Pre-Shaper and mini-boss: (00:14 )
  • Phase 1, warm-up: (00:52 )
  • Intermediate phase: (02:40 )
  • Phase 2, the warm-up bis: (03:14 )
  • Phase 3, the complicated phase: (04:50 )
  • Last word: (06:40 )

Pre-Shaper and mini-boss

For the pantheon I recommend Solaris, Lunaris could have been interesting for the anti-shock but you will lose too many advantages compared to all that Solaris brings. Minor Soul does not add much, you can take the same as your build indicates.

The Shaper is influenced by the level of the Atlas, if you are not used to it I advise you to remove all the gems from the Atlas to have it level 0.

To access and face Shaper's Realm, you will need to have four shards:

  • Fragment of the Hydra - Lair of the Hydra Map
  • Fragment of the Chimera - Pit of the Chimera Map
  • Fragment of the Phoenix - Forge of the Phoenix Map
  • Fragment of the Minotaur - Maze of the Minotaur Map

Once in the instance, you will have 4 bosses to kill before facing the Shaper, one in each branch. They are not particularly difficult but still be careful with the one shot, for example if you are not heading for chaos or the big aoe of Vaal Oversoul.

Note that the Maven will be present if you have activated it, it is not very disturbing but still be careful of its attacks!

The boss phases will be linked like this:

  1. Phase 1, change when mid-life
  2. Intermediate phase
  3. Phase 2, change when a quarter life
  4. Intermediate phase
  5. Phase 3, with shaper shadow

Phase 1, warm-up

Here are the different shaper attacks and how to deal with them:

  • Multiple orbs or attack in the cac: by staying at a distance you receive orbs of lightning, easily dodged but be careful they hit hard. If you are close to the boss, he will hit you in melee. In this case you can choose the technique you prefer, either dodge or tank his attacks in the cac, they do not hurt very much.
  • Giga laser kamehameha: it will charge its attack and aim at you, it is of course essential to avoid it
  • Portal of creeps: the shaper hides behind a portal that summons creeps, take the opportunity to reload your potions and avoid using them during this attack
  • Multiple purple explosion: Zana will make a red dome around her, preventing the shaper's projectiles from entering. So you will have to quickly spot this attack to hide in this area. Be careful, right before the end of the projectiles, the Shaper will send you a big laser type attack to quickly dodge.
  • Violet explosion: the boss charges his attack and explodes around him, having previously taken care to teleport on you. As soon as he teleports, jump and exit his AOE
  • Gray Void Orb: Probably the most annoying attack to deal with, its balls follow you and explode on contact. They then leave an area on the ground until the next boss phase. You can bring them to the corners of the map, it will be necessary at all costs to avoid that it pops in the zone of Zana, because Zana always making her red dome in the same place, if there is the zone of aoe of the orb in the middle you will die!

Intermediate phase

Once mid-life, the shaper will teleport you to a “shattered” (or broken) map, the objective will be to rush straight ahead to prevent the Shaper from overheating. You encounter a Void Anomaly, kill it paying attention to its AOE on the ground, and you will then be on phase 2 of the Shaper.

Phase 2, the warm-up

Not much in particular about this phase, we take the same ones and start over. Bring the boss up to 1/4 life to move on to the second intermediate phase and do the same as for the first.

Phase 3, the complicated phase

Good news, the Shaper brings a copy of himself that will launch the balls of lightning and laser. It's impossible to aim, so focus on dodging this one and focusing the Shaper!

Alchemists dm gaming

A boss always super nice to face, who will always give you one of the four fragments to face the Uber Elder!

By Alchemists, February 2021

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