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The best moments !

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Outlast: find in this compilation the funniest moments of Halloween! Too much stress in the dark Halloween night!

The Void Inarius Guide Median XL
Build Witch Speedfarm Median XL 2.0
Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by Dm Gaming


Quick start to play!

In Outlast, you will quickly learn and failing that there is no point in rushing! Being methodical and on guard will avoid some .... Fears!

Okay, let's calm down ....

This time, quiet mode and analysis of the map and the creepy monsters of the game! But is it enough?

Saw, I had not seen!

So there the asylum monster does not even bother, and appears in CUCKOO mode!

Who turned off the light ?

Much of Outlast is done without light, with only nighttime infrared vision from your camera. This does not attract minions, but frankly we do not see much!

Alche, this ****

A good Halloween party wouldn't be one without a good big stupid joke! Too bad, it was Asuna who had to suffer the consequences ...

Too stressful this game !!!

After 3 hours of streaming, I think we mentally lost Asuna, who is probably going to sleep badly ...

A little word from Asuna

Just to reassure you, she is still alive and well!

Alchemists dm gaming

Asuna dm gaming

I hope you had a good time watching this video, do not hesitate to find our others WTF moments, and to let us know if you like this type via like or comment so that we can do more!

By Alchemists and Asuna, February 2021

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