The guide to killing Inarius in The Void instance is available!

A Speedfarm Light Sorceresse SSF build by Asuna on Median XL, it's here!

boss dreamscaper

Premier Boss gameplay

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DreamScaper Boss: a fairly technical fight that will require you to know the boss's attacks well in order to avoid them and then counter-attack!

The Void Inarius Guide Median XL
Build Witch Speedfarm Median XL 2.0
Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by Dm Gaming


AOEs are quite "simple" to spot, you will normally have time to dodge them once you know their patterns. To be able to hit him, approach a mine which will make it detonate after a few seconds. If the boss is hit he will turn around and you can damage him as much as possible before he dives back.

Alchemists dm gaming

Super nice combat mechanics, which requires both speed and precision! Full of good promises for the rest of this game!

By Alchemists, July 2020

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