The guide to killing Inarius in The Void instance is available!

A Speedfarm Light Sorceresse SSF build by Asuna on Median XL, it's here!

Lost Castle death Spirit hidden stage

Secret ending

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Death Spirit Lost Castle, find in this tutorial guide how to find and kill the end-game boss!
Hours of farming to level up your characters without even reaching the hidden boss? I tell you everything in the video and the guide below!

The Void Inarius Guide Median XL
Build Witch Speedfarm Median XL 2.0
Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by Dm Gaming

Did you say secret boss / hidden level?

We're not going to hide it (and yes pun intended!), If you want to finish the game, you will need time and patience. Personally I spent 80 hours on the game (playing chill with friends too, but not only!), But the satisfaction was more than present that the boss was lying at my feet!
As a reminder, you must complete the game 4 times in all:
1. Finish the game normally, you kill the boss easily
2. Another boss takes the place of the one you killed, killed that new villain!
3. It is your former player who takes the place of the boss, because you succumb to the call of power and become the puppet of Death Spirit, the famous hidden boss.
4. Activate the nightmare mode by talking to the NPC at the beginning, you must have activated it because you will have a gem just after the two bosses guards of act 5 (the same man who gives you stuff, talk to him several times and he will give you the gem). Kill your old self and now you will resist the call of power thanks to the gem

I advise you not to skip part 3, since it gives interesting stuff and allows you to level up. Do not try to complete 4 without being at least level 100.

How to get to the boss and kill him

I'm not going to tell you it's the best technique, because honestly I haven't looked at the others. This one was created, tested and validated by Asuna and myself!
The most opti: to be three players, because the chests and the items drop by 2, while with two players, they drop as if you were all alone.
The idea is to have 1 player carry, and the other supports.
The carry player collects all the stuff: crystals, passives, weapons and armor. The supports are used to carry equipment (daggers, food). You will also need a "harvest" item, preferably at the start.
Put yourself full apple before each boss, as you can see in the video.
In terms of weapons, I recommend either the stick or the double daggers:

  • the stick will put you safe enough, you can spam your R and dodge
  • double daggers have the heaviest DPS, if you are good stuff and you master the game well go on this option

Alchemists dm gaming

The final word

This boss is therefore not intombable, you will need patience, luck, method and skill; but the achievement is well worth it!

By Alchemists, February 2020

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