The guide to killing Inarius in The Void instance is available!

A Speedfarm Light Sorceresse SSF build by Asuna on Median XL, it's here!

best speedruns stages super mario maker 2

Best Speedruns Internships

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The best speedrun levels in Super Mario Maker 2! Classified by difficulty and success rate, normal to super expert with code!

The Void Inarius Guide Median XL
Build Witch Speedfarm Median XL 2.0
Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by Dm Gaming

Normal courses - between 10 and 15% success

Air flying ship speed run

Follow the path of coins and watch your jumps!
Course Code G2C-YTM-3JG

Speedrun - Keep run

Jump, throw and dodge! Good practice for throwing objects
Course code: W70-J96-R5G

Expert internships - 10% success

Celestial Sprint Speedrun

The timing to perform your jumps well will be essential!
Course code: 7N1-MVB-WKF

Speed ​​Run & Upside Down Y +

A sequence of action with a little vertical scrolling
Course code: MDL-R17-32G

Expert internships - 5% success

Be careful, it gets tough!

Snowball Throw, Run, Rock

As its name suggests, it will take a good management of the throws to finish this level.
Course code: 8HP-Y55-QXG

Speed ​​Run & Keep Run3

Dodge, vertical, throwing, a good mix of skill!
Course code: 9J1-Q8V-JYF

Super Experts internships - 1 to 2% success

So those, I advise against if you do not have a strong heart!

Switching Speed ​​(Hard)

Perfect jump timing to overcome this level!
Course code: HD5-D84-FTG

Thwomp-it Chomp-it Demolition Co

Jump timing and precision in the length of the jumps to achieve it!
Course code: P16-GT0-G1H

20 sec run POW- & On / Off-Block

Jump timing, perfect throws, 0 speed loss throughout the run and you will succeed! This is the hardest level of this selection!
Course code: CQC-2WX-DDG

Alchemists dm gaming

What to take care of! These courses are all super fun to do, feel free to share your time in the comments!

By Alchemists, July 2020

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