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Alchemists dm gaming


Alchemists is the founder of Dm Gaming and takes care of the website, Youtube channel and social networks!

Alchemists dm gaming

In a few words

Alchemists is the founder of Dm Gaming as well as the main Youtuber. It offers you lots of tips and tutorials to help you and builds the site to offer you quality content.

The Three Questions

To learn more about Alchemists, here are his answers to the Three Questions!

  1. Who are you, when did you create Dm-Gaming?

My name is Maxime, pseudo Alchemists, 32 years old. I created Dm Gaming following the cessation of Esport on Heroes of the Storm. My team was called Digital Mousquetaire at the time, hence the name "Dm" that I gave to Dm Gaming. I wanted to share my passion for video games, by discovering new games and helping with them.

  1. What do you do, what games do you play/stream?

I play almost anything related to Hack & Slash, Rogue-Lite and Beat'em All. The Hack & Slash is to offer you builds, the rogue-lites to show a lot of skill and Beat'em Up to relax! The streams are on these games, as are the articles and videos offered on the site.

  1. What three words define you the most?

Try Hard: the first word that defines me. Whether in video games or for Dm Gaming, I will always try, retry and retry until it works. I play games to challenge myself and that's what I love!

Good mood: the idea is that everyone has a good time, even if sometimes I can go crazy when I lose, it's always in a good mood!

Pedagogue: I love sharing all the information with you, that's the goal of Dm Gaming, the site, YouTube, Twitch... Etc! Life is too short to block on games or miss a nugget!