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DM Gaming on Patreon! Non-profit tests & tutorials!


DM Gaming on Patreon: help us develop this project around non-profit video games! Tests and tutorials on multi-games!

The page DM Gaming official on Patréon to support a team of independent non-profit!


What is DM Gaming?

DM Gaming is a team of freelancers who are developing a website, a Twitch WebTV and a YouTube channel. The objective is simple, to make you discover new games and to help you in them. Here, you will not have copy-pasted news, but information produced and validated by us, on which you can rely with your eyes closed!

Currently it is 40 games covered and 200 tutorials, available in videos or in written version. The best part is that all the work is done by volunteers, with no wish for monetary return, hence the nonprofit. Each euro collected via DM Gaming is directly reinvested in order to grow the structure and to cover our subjects even better!

Non-profit, that is to say?

Many structures use this term, I wanted to bring you complete transparency on the financing and expenses of DM Gaming. Currently all funds are funded by Alchemists, at author 140 € per month, including advertising and website maintenance. Earnings per DM Gaming are approximately € 10, generated by website advertising and Twitch subs.

Patreon's first objective would therefore be to help with the advertising budget, given that the current budget is far removed from players with a large structure. With a budget of € 10 per day, or € 200 from Patreon, we would be as efficient as some well-known colleagues! The advantage is that every euro collected counts and will increase the advertising budget.

You are going to tell me, is paying for advertising really a good idea? I enclose below the number of pages viewed on the site. When I started promoting the website, the views doubled (corresponding to the rise in the graph below). The idea is to further increase this number of views in order to make yourself known.

The second objective would be to clean up the site and the scenes, as well as launch the application. For those who know DM Gaming well, there are currently three of us, an (anonymous!) Proofreader, Asuna who co-streams and helps for Youtube, and myself Alchemists who manages the website, Twitch, Youtube and the gfx. In order to make it even more professional, a reconstruction of the site in php (currently corrected via css) and a review of the scenes would be on top, in order to then launch the application. You will then have the information directly on your phone! Not being able to be everywhere and on top of these skills, a helping hand (unfortunately paid off!) Will be very useful at DM Gaming. You have below all the information of the plan of objective 2.

As you will have understood, the objectives are quite high but just necessary in order to provide DM Gaming and the players with the necessary support! The first level is therefore at € 200 / month, and the second at € 300 / month.

What is the interest in supporting this project?

Beyond the fact of developing a project around video games, intended for players, and if you are fed up with sponsored networks whose sole purpose is to earn money, here is the list of supporters' levels ( in addition to the eternal gratitude of DM Gaming, of course!)

  • Level 1 - Official contributor - 3 € / month
    • Priority support for tests and tutorials: Even if the goal is to help as many players as possible, you can contact us directly if necessary! (as far as possible of course, sometimes we sleep!)
  • Level 2 - Super Contributor - 10 € / month
    • In addition to level 1, you will have your name as a thank you in the Youtube credits and website
  • Level 3 - VIP Contributor - 25 € / month
    • in addition to level 1 and 2, after three months you will receive a DM mug at home and can reach us via a call to discuss what you want!

A big thank you to our patréons!


Alchemists dm gaming

Here are the friends, I was completely transparent with you, and I hope that you will take heart to support this project. If you ever can't afford it, remember that just by following, liking, sharing, or talking about us, you are directly helping DM Gaming exist.

As usual with DM Gaming, if you have any questions, don't hesitate!

By Alchemists, October 2020

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