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Complete Guide

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Rogue Heroes guide, find information on classes, buildings, bestiaries, resources, tools, dungeons, exploration and multiplayer!

Build Monk Diablo Immortal, to start in team support
Best Diablo Immortal Crusader build, to destroy the game from the start
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  • Intro: (00:00 )
  • The classes: (00:28 )
  • Gems and gold resources: (04:24 )
  • buildings and upgrade your hero: (05:12 )
  • The tools: (07:48 )
  • Explore the world and save: (11:48 )
  • Dungeons and Power Stones: (13:04 )
  • The runes: (15:08 )
  • Multiplayer system: (15:44 )
  • The farm: (17:30 )
  • Last word: (18:36 )

The classes

In Rogue Heroes you have X classes to play, they are all unlockable with gems except the Demolisher which is a € 2 dlc. It is perfectly dispensable if you do not wish to buy it. Each class can be purchased from the merchant as long as you have built the building and have the cloth. You will collect these tissues as you go on your adventure, going to the NPCs who have an exclamation mark on their heads.

Here are the available classes and their powers:

  • Hero: the standard class and balanced between attack, defense and movement. It can charge forward to rush at enemies or move quickly
  • Thief: a lot of attack but little defense. He becomes invisible and deals a critical hit when exiting
  • Knight: for me one of the best classes, a lot of defense and attack, but less movement. He can jump to engage or go.
  • Mage: little defense but gains magic bonuses: rune damage 50%, mana cost -25%, mana gain by killing enemies (10% max mana), additional projectile with runes. The class par excellence for playing magic!
  • Archer: the distance class, allows you to drop arrows by killing enemies. The dash allows you to position yourself more easily.
  • Witch: the utility class, with a buff on potions + 100% life potion and mana mana effect, + 50% strength and speed potion effect; + 25% speed potion effect and allies receive 50% of this buff. You can summon your broom to fly over the traps
  • Pirate: a melee class with the witch's broom system to fly over traps. Our guide to unlocking the Pirate.
  • Reaper: A well-balanced melee class, heals itself when you kill multiple monsters. He can make himself invincible which is very practical! Our guide to unlocking the Reaper.
  • Bombardier: The paid class, which hits quite hard in melee and can send bombs with kicks. The spell allows you to bump from a distance

all classes rogue heroes dm gamingClasses to unlock

For the stats, here is what is taken from the Rogue Heroes wiki :

rogue heroes class statsClass statistics

Gem resources and gold

Before going into details, there are two types of resources in the game. Gold, which you can get anywhere and allow you to open chests or buy ammunition, and gems to improve your character. Gems are only redeemable in one of the four dungeons, so getting them will be crucial. Gold is not super important, but try to have between 200 and 300 gold coins on you at all times, and especially before entering a dungeon. In this guide, you will have full details of how to use these resources.

Buildings and upgrade your hero

The only way to improve your hero is to build buildings with gems and then go see the hero's merchant. Eventually you will have a nice little village, but to start it will be useful only to build the building for the sword and the one for life. You will therefore avoid spending too many gems at once and will be able to gold and already improve your hero. Give him more health points and improve his attack damage on the sword, the dungeons will then be easier. You can then choose according to your desires the next buildings, if you want for example to unlock classes where you can improve your magic. Here is the list of buildings and their uses:

  • Intori Clinic: to improve your health and mana total, very useful
  • Lost Iron Forge: to improve your sword damage, very useful
  • Fitness center: to improve your endurance, very useful
  • Nik's Lab: to collect the tools shovel, bomb bag, boomerang, very useful
  • The rusty needle: to buy classes, quite useful
  • Elixir of Abigail: to buy potions and elixir, quite useful
  • Intori provisions: to buy ammunition and seeds, quite useful
  • Farm: to collect gold by selling fruits and vegetables, moderately useful
  • House on the quay: to retrieve the fishing rod and unlock the pirate, moderately useful
  • Rick's tool shed: to improve your tools, moderately useful
  • Tavern: for playing games, moderately useful
  • House: to invite villagers from other worlds after completing the dungeon

buildings to build rogue heroes dm gamingIt will take a little while to have a village worthy of the name!


You are going to have a number of tools to help you in your quest. The principle is a little confusing because it is not intuitive but once understood it is much simpler. Up next to your life, you have the tool ready to go. Either it costs mana, in this case there is a purple number (rod or boomerang for example), or it costs ammunition (arrows or bomb). You can improve the power of these tools through the merchant. At the beginning you will only have glass objects, ie they will be destroyed when you die. You will therefore not be able to plant a bomb or throw arrows (even if you have ammunition!) Without first finding a glass bow or glass bomb bag. Once you find Nik, you will be able to permanently purchase these tools in exchange for Monster Piece. You will also unlock tools as you progress.

Items costing mana and their use:

  • Wand, throw a fireball
  • Boomerang, stun an enemy
  • Lamp, burn in front of you

Ammunition items, your ammo decreases by using it:

  • Bombs, explode enemies, cracked passages, statues that are indicated
  • Arrows, shoot an arrow at your enemies
  • Flask, to store a potion
  • Seeds, to sow in a hole
  • Watering can, to water the seeds; recharges at the well

Utility items to find, these cost nothing to use:

  • Shovel, to dig a hole, always use on the crosses on the ground!
  • Grapple, to grab onto poles and creeps, remove the skeleton shield. Unlocked by completing the first dungeon
  • Bestiary, to complete it and know the enemies. Given by Nik
  • Flute, to call a toad and walk in the mud. Unlocks after saving the NPCs in the Muddy World
  • Gloves of Kear, to destroy the elements that resist. Unlocks in the temple to the north with our guide to finding Kezar's gloves
  • Hammer, to drive the ankles on the road. Unlocked by completing the second dungeon
  • Temporal telescope, allows to see in the pass and to use for example a broken bridge. Unlocked by completing the third dungeon

all items rogue heroes dm gaming toolsAll the tools of the game

An aside on the bestiary

The bestiary is a book given by Nik, a bit like the pokedex, which will give you information on the monsters killed. If you want to complete this bestiary, you will necessarily have to kill the creep in question with the bestiary. You will therefore have to select the tool and finish the creep with it. It's not really intuitive or practical, maybe a joke of the developers! You can however improve the damage of the book to make your life easier, or just ignore this part.

I personally spent a little time filling it out, just to see the value of the thing which remains quite limited. You will have information on the mastered creep, but that's it!

the bestiary pokedex rogue heroes dm gamingThe bestiary in the game's pokedex format

Explore the world and save

The world of Rogue Heroes is vast. It is divided into zones to discover and dotted with dungeons, caves and cellars, side quests, hiding place and waypoint. So you will have a lot to do before completing the game if you want to explore it. Exploration is also fairly profitable, you will have great rewards to help you in your quests. You can also follow only the main quest which consists of completing the four dungeons. It's up to you to decide according to your preferences, the games leave you free to choose.

Please note that the routes to be completed are sometimes long and without a waypoint, if you have planned to explore, count around 1h30 of play before being able to find a waypoint and save your progress, otherwise you will have to redo the whole route, it often being one way unique. Note that you will see "closed" bridges which will be accessible later and will serve as a shortcut. That is to say that when you continue to explore you will end up going through the good on the side of the bridge, you will be able to cut the 2 ropes and open the bridge. It will not unlock anything but will just allow you to avoid making the detour.

the wide world map rogue heroes dm gamingThe world map, what to take care of!

Dungeons and Power Stones

Dungeons are one of the keystones of the game, you had 4 of the rogue like type but will also find cellars on several levels. These are more of the exploration part, because unlike his four comrades, they do not drop gems, the key currency to improve your hero.

Before entering a dungeon, it will ask you if you are ready and if you click "yes" you will lose all the accumulated gems (only the gems, not the gold). So remember to spend all your gems well before entering the dungeon. If you only have a few gems left, you can still buy seeds that cost 15 or 25 gems. Allow between 5 and 30 minutes for a dungeon run, which will be much more adapted than exploration if you don't have time to play! The dungeons are on three levels, ending with a boss room. Once you finish a level, you can pay gems to permanently unlock access to the next level, rather than redoing all levels each time. I strongly recommend that you do this all at once. Dungeons are the only source of gems and will therefore improve your character. You will have a vendor who appears randomly selling a bit of gear, but who won't be super useful. The most interesting object will be the object level map, very useful not to miss hidden rooms. The successive pieces include puzzles and monsters, some of which will ask you to think carefully! If you don't find panic, you can move on to the next room. A crucial piece of information is to look at the color of the box, once you have completely finished the piece it will change from blue to green. You will also get a "finished" message that will appear. Until you get this message, there is something left to do in the room! Keep your eyes open! To finish on the dungeons, these contain chests which are open by paying gold, they are always profitable. So always carry some gold with you.

A word on the stones of power, object which one recovers in hidden chests, make it possible to decrease the number of lost gems but remain rather rare, it takes more a good number of them before it is really useful.

final dungeon rogue heroes dm gamingIf you manage to complete all four dungeons, you will have access to the last one!

The runes

You will also be able to unlock runes, which you will find in the world of Rogue Heroes. Each rune must be unlocked one by one by finding a goddess of Tasos. Once a rune is found, you can equip it on your wand via the menu. Here is the full list:

  • rune of fire: launches a projectile of fire, which makes a dowry on the enemy. If multiple projectiles hit the target, it catches fire
  • ice rune: launches an ice projectile, with several projectile freezes the enemy
  • magic missile: launches several magic projectiles, no effect except a lot of DPS
  • moon: allows you to go from day to night, increasing the number of creeps present
  • Sun: conversely, allows you to go from night to day
  • Storm: allows you to rain, to water your farm all at once

the runes rogue heroes dm gamingRunes to put in your wand

Multiplayer system

Playable for 4 in local or online co-op, Rogue Heroes is a perfect game for playing with others. The camera is very well managed, on the other hand you will have to wait each turn to talk to the NPCs. The quest system works as well, on the other hand be careful the game takes into account the progress of the least advanced player which can quickly block you in your adventure. I therefore advise you to always play at the same time with your group so as not to have to redo the quests. If necessary it is very easy to create profiles on the game, so you can have a character to play alone and another to progress with your mates.

Note that for the sharing of resources, you and your allies will receive the same number of gems but the rest (ammunition, gold, glass objects) will be credited to the person who collects it.

The farm

Farming is a full-fledged activity on the game, you have the guide for create a farm available here ! It allows you to collect gold by selling the fruits and vegetables that you have grown. Note that you can sleep to spend the day and thus grow your farm

Alchemists dm gaming

Understanding the game well won't be easy, but with this guide you should have all the information you need to play Rogue Heroes better! I am well aware that there is a lot of information to digest, so if necessary (and as usual!) Do not hesitate to ask questions 🙂

By Alchemists, March 2021

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Daniel Malherbe
Daniel Malherbe
2 months ago

I have a question, I'm stuck in the croaker cave, I pass the people to free and I continue, I arrive in a large cave with 1 chest and a closed door, the chest gives me gold and I can't find a key to open this door, I had found one earlier but already used

Daniel Malherbe
Daniel Malherbe
2 months ago
Reply to  Dm Gaming

Thank you for answering. Suddenly I found in a video, there is a chest that I had not activated, it was necessary to light 3 torches and as the cave is quite large and that I killed all the enemies on the way, I lit the 3rd torch too late…