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Rogue Heroes Test, adventure and indie rogue like

The test

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Rogue Heroes Test: find our test on this game mixing adventure, rogue like by an independent pixel art studio!

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Rogue Heroes is a pixel art adventure game, where you can join forces with 3 of your friends, locally or online. You will need to be able to rid the world of Titans via rogue-lite type dungeons using one of the game's many classes. Released in February 2021 by Heliocentric Studios.


  • Intro: (00:00 )
  • World: (00:16 )
  • Gameplay: (00:52 )
  • Graphics / Design: (02:15 )
  • Personal improvement and classes: (02:57 )
  • Game review and rating: (04:59 )

The world

In Rogue Heroes, you have a very large world to navigate and explore. You have a main quest, which will require you to complete four rogue like type dungeons. These are made up of three levels, with a boss at the end. You also have a multitude of side quests and secrets to discover, which make the beauty of the game. Be careful, it will not be easy to find your way around the game, you will need a long time to find your way around, especially if you want to discover the wonders that the game has to offer.

In any case from the outset, Rogue Heroes is complex and will please those who want to dig into the game but may put off players who want to play without taking the lead.

world map rogue heroes dm gamingA vast world to explore, with lots of secrets to find and quests to complete


If you know the first Zelda, you will not be disoriented. The gameplay is simple but demanding. That is to say that you will not have spells in all directions or a multitude of weapons with large AOE, but a sword and some support objects. It will be perfectly worth timing your attacks and managing your movements in order to overcome the monsters in the game. Suddenly this style will not necessarily please everyone, but having personally started on this type of game, I stuck to this gameplay.

In general, the game will alternate or combine three types of gameplay: exploration, puzzles and combat! Even if I still noted a few lengths, also because of the vastness of the world. There will be quite a few times when you just have to walk, because you just have to return a quest in town and there is no waypoint nearby. In itself it is not very disturbing, except when you get lost.

gameplay dungeon rogue heroes dm gamingThe game alternates between combat, enigma and exploration of the world


Pixel art with a retro flavor, especially Zelda and Pokémon oriented. You should find this feeling again when you prune a bush, or when you go to see the HP dealer! The graphics are simple and efficient, I would still have appreciated a little more detail, especially on the bosses that I find a bit too simple.

cut bush zelda rogue heroes dm gamingSome memories of cutting grass on Nes with Link

clinic look pokeom rogue heroes dm gamingThis time it's on my gameboy with Pokemon!

Character enhancement and rogue like

Who says rogue like says character improvement, if I have to sum up for those who do not know the style, the goal is to try, die, improve, start over. Suddenly you will be able during dungeons to recover gems, die, buy improvements and start again for this time to succeed (or die again!). The number of upgrades is very large, ie you can upgrade everything (be it your magic wand, sword, life, boomerang, etc.). However a bit of diversity would have been appreciated, there is for example several times the improvement of the damage to the sword, or several times that of the improvement of the life. The trees could also have been a little more worked, they are currently composed of two branches max which in addition meet. So not necessarily a choice to make when the voice to follow, but rather a choice in which one prefers to improve.

upgrade hero sword rogue heroes dm gamingEverything can be improved, but the knots are quite similar

You can also switch between several classes, keeping all the upgrades unlocked. The changes from one class to another remain quite limited, you will have different stats as well as a class spell, even different mana costs, but they will for example all be equipped with a basic sword. A bit of a shame not to have pushed the differences between the classes, we could for example have imagined ax or bow in basic weapon, with an improvement "damage of the weapon" rather than "damage of the sword".rogue heroes dm gaming classesA lot of classes to play but a bit too identical

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- Playable for 4 in local co-op
- A huge world filled with interest
- A good balance between exploration, combat, enigma
- The customization of your hero ...

-... Although it could have been a little more diverse
- Complicated to learn

Alchemists dm gaming

With Rogue Heroes developed by Heliocentric Studios, the studio hits hard for fans of the genre. If you like retro designs and gameplay associated with rogue like, you will probably be convinced by this title. Being able to play at 4 is also a real plus. On the other hand, beware of neophytes, the handling will remain quite complex and it will be necessary to invest in the game to have fun!

four star dm gaming

By Alchemists, March 2021

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